Construction Planning: Saving Time and Money

Written by: Lyle Charles

Construction project managers have a monumental task on their plate: finish a building (sometimes something as ambitious as a skyscraper or sports arena) within a set amount of time and come under budget. Not so simple! Still, with the right crew advising him, any construction project manager has a good chance of beating the odds and completing the project on time.

Group of Architects Planning


Construction advisory services are an indispensible part of the construction process. Their job is to assist in all of the aspects of planning, from plans and permits to personnel and materials. They help you find solid suppliers who can deliver what you need on time. They also help coordinate with the various crews working on your project to fill in gaps for scheduling.

They can look over plans and give some indication of scope of work, including items you might have missed as the manager. Most of these crews have experience tallying ten or twenty years, so they speak from a place of authority. They don’t waste time, and they understand how to get past planning and into production.


A steel fabrication expert can be valuable throughout the project, as they will help determine what materials to use and how to use them. They can provide advice on welding, setting materials and even embedding steel. If your building has ornamental steel, these experts are well-versed in setting those beams in a way that is structurally sound and safe. If you’re seeking permit approval, a steel fabrication expert is well worth the cost of hiring.

The biggest red flag to watch for when ordering materials is to guarantee a delivery date, and specify where the shipment will be delivered to. Access can be a huge problem for remote job sites, and that poor access can add to the overall tab for materials. Delivery dates can also be fickle if there is a supply shortage. Look for guarantees from your supplier, and keep all written correspondence. You may need to prove those guarantees in court.

Final Thoughts

If you run into legal troubles along the way, a construction claims expert can provide you help at a more affordable rate than your average attorney. Legal disputes should go to an attorney, but claims are more about figuring out who is owed what money and why. A claims expert can help you organize the documents you need to prove your case in court. Claims can also go to mediation if necessary, which will give both you and your legal adversary a venue to air your grievance in front of a trained construction mediator.

The Importance of Quality Commercial Doors

Written By ETO Doors

A lot goes into running a successful commercial business. Obviously, you need a great business model. You need a quality product or service. It also helps if you have tremendous customer service. However, if your business depends on a physical location, then it’s also important that you appreciate its power to make a good first impression or, on the other hand, lose you customers.

There is no end to the ways you could help your store look its best, but one important way many people overlook is having the right doors. After all, no customer is going to get to you without first passing through the front door and maybe even a couple more after that.

With prehung interior French doors, you can make an amazing impression. They look amazing, of course, but they also give you a number of options too, so you can customize them based on your company and physical space.

You have interior and exterior French doors available too, which means you can use them more than once to really give your company a professional, yet stylish feel. Pair them with the right knobs and you’ll love showing them off to customers.

While you could spend years getting your store or office to look right, don’t forget about the little details. Doors, for example, could have a big impact.


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How to Save on Construction Costs

When you manage multiple commercial construction projects, you learn to keep your bids competitive. That often involves finding reliable suppliers that sell quality materials at costs you can afford. Even designing your site to fit eco friendly standards can help you and your construction company save more money on projects. Here are some tips to help you save on your construction costs, even as you retrofit and modernize your buildings.

House Construction

Insulated Doors

Ordering wood doors doesn’t have to cost a ton. Simple trim options exist that reinforce the door, and provide an attractive rustic or modern look. Wood doors also provide insulation, which is good for offices that face the sun. During winter, those offices will preserve more of their heat, and the doors will not wear as quickly.

Thinking Long Term

Insulated doors are just one component of a building designed to hold up better in all climates. Making it less expensive to work from that building is a core component of construction costs that builders often overlook. Double-paned windows with solar tinting are excellent to install on sides that face the sun throughout the day. You should also consider paying more for materials that will last longer. The lifetime costs of those materials often dwarfs what it would take to replace windows or flooring in a few years time for hundreds of offices.

Buy from Multiple Vendors

Competitive pricing is a lot easier to do in the dawn of the Internet. Both the contractor and the building owner have a responsibility to review suppliers for the best possible pricing, and to make strategic choices. Obviously, ordering windows from a door supplier will cost more for you because those products tend to be special order. Try to order from specialized vendors and you’ll save money on better quality products.


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Choosing the Materials for a Door

Most doors perform functional and decorative roles. Some are sophisticated and ornate while others are used for security or as a shield against the weather. A properly constructed door adds curb appeal and may add to the market value of your property as it saves on annual energy costs. Choosing the materials for a door should reflect where the door will be placed and how it will perform.

Wood is popular for both exterior and interior doors. Many types of doors can be fashioned from wood. Colors of wood aren’t the most pressing concern because most wood species can be perfectly stained to any imaginable color. Because fine wood is also durable, it will take tiny nicks or dents in stride. Most homeowners perform small repairs without engaging a professional.

Steel and other metal doors are also popular with contractors and homeowners. Because metal is durable and secure, these doors won’t swell, decay, or warp over time. They may also cost less than solid wood in some cases. However, metal doors may suffer dents and dings. Unlike wood doors, imperfections in metal aren’t usually repairable.

Fiberglass, like steel and metal doors, resists environmental damage. This material can be painted or stained almost any color. Today’s fiberglass doors are made to look like fine wood grain, so it’s possible to get the look of wood without the commitment to maintain it.

Other materials, including wood veneers or wooden core, are popular. Sliding doors or storm doors are often made of glass. Glass panel inlays for front entry doors, or vinyl sliding inner doors, are widely available and quite durable. Still other doors (especially interior doors) are fashioned of vinyl. Garage doors are frequently made of fiberglass, steel, wood, or aluminum.

Budget frequently plays a factor in choosing the materials for a door. Buyers shouldn’t assume that fiberglass or vinyl cost less. It’s best to compare specific dimensions along with fabrications before making a choice.

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Options for Building Materials

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There have never been so many options for building materials as there are today. It would be nearly impossible to count them all. But a few continue to be favored by construction companies all over the world.

One of the oldest materials in the world is rock. Whether you know it today as concrete or cement, the idea is the same. With all the polished options you have these days, it’s hard to ignore all you can do with this choice.

Another great standby is steel. For how strong, durable and, actually, malleable it is, steel can’t be beat for affordability. A structure made out of steel will stand the test of time. Best of all, there are enough firms and professionals experienced with steel that, should it be necessary, you’ll have no issue finding the help you may need where consulting is involved—think, construction claims consultants.

Everyone knows wood is still hugely important where construction is concerned. It helps fill out the backbone of just about every major build, for one thing. But wood comes in a number of different types, so you need to do your research far more so than the other two options. Many companies have made the mistake of buying a certain type of wood to save money and found it cost them far more later one.


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4 Unexpected Legal Costs for Construction Companies

Besides the expenses that come with the everyday operation of any construction company, there’s always the lurking threat of litigation. Legal costs are one business variable that many ignore, often to their eventual detriment. Becoming more familiar with the legal costs you may be liable for in the future can help you to plan for them. The following unexpected legal costs can be a catastrophe for construction companies without protection.

Employee Injuries

No matter how many precautions you may take, any construction site is an inherently risky work environment. Employee injuries can make a serious dent in your bottom line if you don’t have adequate insurance coverage and legal representation. If you find yourself facing a lawsuit over alleged safety infractions, knowing how to find the right construction expert witness to back up your side of the story is of paramount importance.

Construction Defects

The field of construction defect litigation is rife with tales of costly lawsuits that have bankrupted companies. Clearly, the best way to avoid a messy legal action is to prevent construction defects from happening in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to do so thanks to faulty materials and other outside factors beyond your control. Having a good lawyer on retainer as well as insurance is your best defense.

Billing Disputes

Most construction projects only proceed once a well-defined budget with a fair degree of leeway factored in is agreed upon. As most construction professionals know, things rarely go according to plan in the budgeting department. Municipal projects are often prone to cost overruns that can result in legal action. Acquainting yourself with qualified construction claims consultants is a smart idea if you’re interested in reducing the chance of a major legal disaster.

Environmental Claims

Most reputable construction companies are well-versed in the intricacies of local and federal environmental regulations. Despite their best efforts, even the most cautious construction outfits often run afoul of some obscure environmental law at one point or another. Once an environmental claim has been filed, things can get expensive quickly. Having an environmental law expert on speed dial is a prudent move that can spare you many headaches.

Reducing Legal Costs

If any of these hypothetical legal scenarios become a reality, private mediation is often the least expensive way to go. To avoid a worst-case scenario, robust commercial liability insurance coverage is a must. No one can predict the future no matter how careful they are, after all. As such, preparing for the aforementioned potential legal costs ahead of time is just common sense.


, a structural steel expert with over 40 years of experience.

Air Filters, Why It Is Worth The Investment

 An air conditioner filter traps molds, dust, allergens and pollutants to keep the air we breathe inside our homes clean. It is a wise investment as poor air quality is one of the top reasons why our overall health suffers. Most of the time, we associate good health through having a balanced diet and regular exercise. What we often forget is that clean air lowers our risks of acquiring or triggering serious diseases. By simply installing a furnace air filter and investing on good quality filters such as a replacement Honeywell air filter, you will enjoy cleaner air by up to 98%.

Air passes through the filters several times to catch particles of dust, molds, carcinogens, toxins and various organic pollutants. Clean air is now brought back to the fan and blown out to the entire room. Allergens and pollutants naturally occur in our homes, as we continue to expose ourselves, the more vulnerable we become. If you have asthma, then it is recommended to have an air filter as these could help in lessening your asthma attacks due to poor air quality. This will also aid in lowering your risks in developing other respiratory and skin diseases.


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Use Glass to Make Your Pool Stand Out

When it comes to having a pool, there’s a lot to be excited about. Not only is there the joy of using it, but also the prospect of how it will raise your property value. However, they can just as easily become an eyesore you’d like people to avoid at all costs. One of the easiest ways to add a serious dimension of style to your home is by utilizing glass. Read on for how.

Glass pool walls take your pool’s look to another level. For example, they can make the water appear to be freestanding. When people are in the pool, you can see them swim underwater. Furthermore, because of exposure, the sun can easily help keep the water warm.

Every pool needs a fence, by law. But not all fences are created the same. Glass fences are a gorgeous way of keeping everyone safe and your property looking amazing. With glass frameless fencing, you are able to see directly into the pool area which helps you keep an eye on small children. When you’re enjoying the water, you’ll get more exposure to the sun and have less wind and unwanted sound to deal with.

Lastly, consider glass window for your out-of-ground pools or those that share a wall inside your home. It makes for a fun feature to be able to see inside the pool as people swim and can look back.


The Future for Pools is Glass Fencing

What if there was a way to keep people safe from your pool while increasing the value of your property? The fact is most fences simply can’t promise that. While they may keep people out, they also clash with your home’s overall décor. But there’s an option that solves this problem, even though must people have never heard of it.

Frameless glass pool fencing will meet all the necessary demands required by law and then some. At the same time, this fencing will give your yard a great minimalistic look. It’s hard to think of a look that glass pool fences wouldn’t go with, considering they’re practically invisible.

The good news is, though, you don’t have to sacrifice any value for this great look. Glass fencing can hold up to the elements and natural wear and tear just as well as any traditional form of fencing can. Furthermore, because it’s see through, you can always see what’s going in the pool. As opposed to other fences, people in the pool can enjoy unimpeded sunlight at all times. Although they can see to the outside world, they aren’t bothered by unwanted noise or wind.

Glass pool fences are the future of the industry. Also look for glass pool windows, which provide a look into the inside of above ground pools.


Advantages of Having a Glass Fence foryour Swimming Pool

When you have a swimming pool at home, you will need to install proper fencing to keep the area protected from accidents and the elements. Glass swimming pool fencing is popular these days as it offers both aesthetic appeal and several advantages. Nowadays you can even purchase a frameless fencing for your pool for a more modern and stylish look.

Let’s face it, installing a glass fence will be costly that is why many of us gather information before we go and purchase one. What sets a glass fence from any other type of fencing in the market? First, glass is clear. You can put up a glass fence while still enjoy the view of nearby mountains or your lush garden. Glass fences are durable enough to last for several years. It does not corrode even when it is in constant contact with chlorinated water. In case your glass fence breaks, it will hold itself together in the frame to avoid any more debris that can injure people inside the pool. Best of all, glass fences are a breeze to clean! You don’t need to use any fancy cleaning soaps. All you need is distilled white vinegar and your panels will be as good as new.