What Construction Consultants Do

A construction consultant isn’t someone behind a desk looking at pictures of your site. Although they do have offices, and will take pictures for review, these workers are hands-on and are not afraid to fill-in for a variety of roles around the site. These consultants also have a legal background, or are familiar with the laws of your state. When you hire a consultant, it’s important to ask about his or her qualifications.


Administration Tasks

A construction consultant’s job is to review the parameters of a project and help determine the kinds of resources are needed. This makes them perfect for administrative tasks such as ordering materials, or determining the time frame for a project. They can also assist construction companies in scheduling employees to work. They may also help contribute to the budgeting process,offering guidance on how to complete the project per requirements, but look for ways to cut costs in the process.

Project Planning

Construction advisory services assist builders in tasks such as designing the structure. Consultants also work with crews to determine what kinds of changes need to be made to the plan. A construction site is a rapidly changing environment, and anything from materials to man power can speed or slow things down. A consultant brings knowledge to the table. For instance: if one supplier runs out of the required materials for a project, a consultant can assist the builder in finding a different supplier to fulfill the order. This keeps you running on-time as well as within the original specs.


There are many reasons why a building fails, but someone like a structural steel expert can actually explain what happened. The goal of these important expert witnesses is to help the public understand the facts surrounding a particular case. They may be used on both aisles of the court room, helping to bolster an argument with factual data about the materials used. They can also help renovate historic buildings, offering expert analysis on the materials used in the original construction.

Final Thoughts

A consultant is a lot like a contractor. In fact, most are retired or experienced contractors. They are useful throughout the entire process of construction, and can provide guidance to keep projects under budget. A consultant isn’t always necessary. On larger projects, especially those in multiple locations, a consultant will prove invaluable.
Lyle Charles is a construction claims expert who specializes in the analysis of materials. Lyle Charles offers expert witness testimony, and he has years of experience constructing stadiums and arenas.

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Steel Fabrication Origins

By Lyle Charles

Steel fabrication goes back to ancient times, almost to the point when steel was first discovered. It didn’t take long for our ancestors to realize that they could apply heat to this material in order to bend it to their will. And we’ve been doing it ever since.


Whether we’re talking about onsite applications or giant smelting operating, steel fabrication is intertwined with the backbone of the industrial revolution and every advancement since then. Without being able to manipulate steel to our needs, we’d lack just about every skyscraper and large building w have today.

That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect process though, unfortunately. Plenty can go wrong that ends with steel fabrication causing serious delays in a construction project. When this happens, a company’s best bet is to quickly seek out construction turnaround services.

These are services provided by a third party with experience in the construction industry. The great thing is that they focus solely on turning things around from wherever they are at and allowing you to focus on whatever currently needs to be done in the meantime.


When you need a bit of extra help with your current build, look no further than Lyle Charles for support and insights where it matters. Through his firm, you can get everything from his skills as a construction claim analysis expert or to help with turnaround services, consultations on matters that may be holding you back and much more. Don’t try facing down big challenges on your own, get help from the best.

Options for Building Materials

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There have never been so many options for building materials as there are today. It would be nearly impossible to count them all. But a few continue to be favored by construction companies all over the world.

One of the oldest materials in the world is rock. Whether you know it today as concrete or cement, the idea is the same. With all the polished options you have these days, it’s hard to ignore all you can do with this choice.

Another great standby is steel. For how strong, durable and, actually, malleable it is, steel can’t be beat for affordability. A structure made out of steel will stand the test of time. Best of all, there are enough firms and professionals experienced with steel that, should it be necessary, you’ll have no issue finding the help you may need where consulting is involved—think, construction claims consultants.

Everyone knows wood is still hugely important where construction is concerned. It helps fill out the backbone of just about every major build, for one thing. But wood comes in a number of different types, so you need to do your research far more so than the other two options. Many companies have made the mistake of buying a certain type of wood to save money and found it cost them far more later one.


Lyle Charles Consulting is the company you need for plenty of construction advisory services that help make your build a smooth one. Whether you need construction advisory services, anexpert witness or just help smoothing over a rough patch, they’re the ones to call.


Leveraging Expertise to Help with Your Build

By Lyle Charles

These days, there’s simply no need to go into a build on your own even when you’re the one in charge of overseeing things. That’s because construction consultants exist that aren’t competitors and can help give you the guidance you need from the get-to.

Maybe all you need is a structural steel expert for some reason. The right firm can provide this kind of help. Other times, you may be in need of construction claim analysis. Here, too, you can rely on the services of construction experts in the field of consulting.

They’re especially helpful when it comes to some of the more challenging, delicate and time consuming areas like claims or mediation. By hiring a firm to handle these matters for you, you’re free to focus on keeping the build moving forward in the right direction. Meanwhile, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that important process will end in your favor.

Of course, they’re just as helpful when all you need is a pair of eyes over your shoulder. You can rest assured your build is always on the right path when you have an expert helping you to drive toward your destination.

When you need a construction claims expert, you need Lyle Charles. The company can walk you all the way through the process or simply handle it on your behalf. The consulting firm can also advise you on just about any other area regarding your build.

Building with Steel

By Lyle Charles

Working in the construction industry requires a lot of knowledge with how the industry works, the learning curve is pretty steep and if you slip up, you’re definitely going to fall off. Construction projects are all about the details, having a novice handle one is definitely not advisable as big projects such as those are best left to professionals who have years of experience to be able to properly decide what the firm needs to do; however, these professionals are human too and can overlook some details that turn out to be crucial for the project’s success. These firms would normally employ a third party construction expert witness to oversee the progress of the project as well as its initial plans to pre-emptively sort out potential problems in the future.

However not all of these consultation firms deal only with your process, but may offer knowledge from another supplemental industry, materials. A structural steel expert can be a great asset when trying to work out the kind of materials you will need for the frames, or the foundation; these experts can give you the right balance of flexibility, durability and affordability for your specific purpose and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. If in the case however of the sudden appearance of a claim, these firms would also tend to offer construction claim analysis to properly assess the situation and can help you decide what the proper action to take next is.

Lyle Charles is a firm that deals with advisory services as well as structural steel consultation.