Consider Modern Doors for Your Home

By ETO Doors

When you want a better looking home, there are countless options to consider. For example, a lot of people in your shoes immediately turn their attention to their kitchens. This makes a lot of sense, but it’s also going to cost you a ton of money too. Instead, you should look at something much simpler with a lot less moving parts. Although most never think about them this way, your home’s doors may be the perfect place to start.

ETODoor7Doors with modern styles have garnered a ton of attention over recent years and for good reason. Whether you’re looking at a modern exterior door or interior version, the simple, sleek and fun styles will give you plenty to work with and definitely set your choices apart from others you may have considered.

Although a lot of people think of modern architectures as being overly simple and straightforward, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. For one thing, by keeping things simple, you’ll find how much can be done with other features in your home. Furthermore, a simpler look means less pain for your budget too, which will give you freedom to do even more where your home’s style is considered. Fortunately, your home will look so nice that no one will even know.


Every homeowner should consider modern doors, which have become incredibly popular as of late. Whether you need modern entry doors or modern exterior doors, you’ll be happiest when you look at the selection and prices found at ETO doors.

Get a Better Interior Through a Better Type of Door

By ETO Doors

Everyone wants the outside of their home to be a good representation of the people living inside. No one wants it to look bad or otherwise leave a bad first impression on those who walk or drive by it. It’s only natural to take pride in this sort of thing.

Furthermore, people want to make sure the inside of their home is gorgeous and enjoyable as well. Who wants to come home to a house they hate? Who wants to deal with not being able to have friends and family over because their home isn’t up to snuff?

ETO Doors7Fortunately, you can do some really easy things to make your home look gorgeous throughout. Solid wood interior doors will give you a look you can be proud of, whether you choose one to put in a prominent position or utilize them for every single room. Whatever the case, people will take notice.

For best results, consider your options with mahogany doors. While they’ll cost you a bit more than your average wooden door, they’re worth every penny. You can almost feel the quality of this kind of door just by looking at it which is exactly what you want.


If your home needs a new door or two, look no further than ETO doors. Whether you need mahogany interior doors or any other style for your home, this company has everything you could possible want and probably a few options you never thought of before.

Types of wooden doors you can use for your exterior door

Written by ETO Doors

The most important and striking feature of your house is the front door. It is the first thing you or your visitors see. It sets up what people feel about the house and what you expect to see inside. Wooden doors are still the most popular for exterior doors. They have sense of polish, they are solid and imply strength and security and above all they look great.

White Oak is one of the most popular choices for making exterior doors because of its durability, resistance and sturdiness. It is a very hard wood that can last for years. With just a little bit of maintenance, you can expect use the door for a very long time. This makes it a very good investment.

Another popular choice is Mahogany. It has high-level resistance to water and will not deform. It is resistant to the effects of temperature, moisture and chemicals. It looks beautiful and clean when polished. It is a good choice but is more costly than other types of wood.

ETO Doors is a manufacturer of high quality interior and exterior wood doors for homeowners and businesses. They have a full catalog of doors and accessories available at their website.

The Importance of Quality Commercial Doors

Written By ETO Doors

A lot goes into running a successful commercial business. Obviously, you need a great business model. You need a quality product or service. It also helps if you have tremendous customer service. However, if your business depends on a physical location, then it’s also important that you appreciate its power to make a good first impression or, on the other hand, lose you customers.

There is no end to the ways you could help your store look its best, but one important way many people overlook is having the right doors. After all, no customer is going to get to you without first passing through the front door and maybe even a couple more after that.

With prehung interior French doors, you can make an amazing impression. They look amazing, of course, but they also give you a number of options too, so you can customize them based on your company and physical space.

You have interior and exterior French doors available too, which means you can use them more than once to really give your company a professional, yet stylish feel. Pair them with the right knobs and you’ll love showing them off to customers.

While you could spend years getting your store or office to look right, don’t forget about the little details. Doors, for example, could have a big impact.


Looking for doors for your home? Whether you need French doors or something far more extravagant, you’ll find everything you need at ETO Doors and so much more.

High-Impact, No Stress Home Protection Measures

With recent disasters on the news, you may be thinking about how best to protect your home against inclement weather and other acts of god. There are a couple of easy enhancements you can make to your home to round out your home protection set-up. Properly tested and graded doors like storm doors and hurricane impact doors can help prevent pressure build-up in the home, protect inner doors and glass inserts from debris, and prevent water and air from entering your home.



Approvals to Look For

If you live in a high-wind area, you may want to look for storm doors that are rated for hurricane approval. For the highest levels of approval doors must be tested and rated using a variety of tests, including impact and cyclic tests, air infiltration tests, uniform static air resistance tests, large missile tests, and water resistance tests. Make sure your door has a “sweep”, a strip along the bottom of the door designed to keep out bugs, air, and moisture. Door closers may be included or added to pull doors shut on their own again if blown open.


Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance ensures storm doors will continue to provide high quality protection against rain, wind, and debris. Check for dents, scratches, torn material, and debris in hinges and between panels. Check the closer and latches to ensure they are securely attached to both the door and the door jamb. Regularly oil and open and close storm doors to check on their proper function.


Additional Solutions

To enhance home security during hurricanes and other inclement weather, consider purchasing storm shutters made of plywood, fabric panels, or corrugated steel or aluminum, depending on your needs. There are a variety of pros and cons; however, so long as they are properly installed almost all solutions will improve overall house safety.


Bio: ETO Doors is a custom door manufacturer based out of Los Angeles with two showrooms in New York and Las Vegas. They carry a variety of doors available for custom order or purchase online, with a variety of specialty options such as solid wood and oil-rubbed bronze embellishments. Read ETO Doors reviews, browse their selection, and more online at the ETO Doors site.

Solid Wood Interior Doors For Commercial Use

Written by ETO Doors

Solid wood interior doors come with various advantages that could be considered when replacing doors or installing new ones. While solid doors tend to be relatively more expensive compared to other doors, their numerous benefits make for the cost. Door manufacturers generally provide a large array of designs to choose from. In most cases, the main advantage of choosing this type of door is for aesthetics. Apart from looking good, these doors are extremely sturdy and tend to last for years and even decades. There are, however, other more important advantages that need not be disregarded, especially in a commercial setting.

Energy Efficiency

Since these doors provide more insulation than the other types of doors, less energy is required to heat up or cool down rooms, more so when the door is properly framed. These type of solid wood doors also substantially decrease travelling sound. This is ideal in privacy settings such as clinics or legal offices.

Fire and Burglars

Solid wood interior doors tend to slow down any burglar that might be seeking to unlock the doors of an office or particular storage area. These types of doors are also more resistant to the spread of fire compared to hollow core or engineered wood doors.

Mahogany interior doors provide a glamourous look to just about any setting as this wood tends to hold really well and it is able to sustain various hardware, nails and glues. This type of door is also known not to hold much stains. The mahogany door is also not prone to warping. The door seasons well and it holds its frame.

ETO Doors specializes in doors for various indoor and outdoor uses. Their products includes mahogany doors.

Three Important Tools To Have At Home

Written by Toolsmith Direct


As a home improvement enthusiast, you might already have a tool chest. In that case, you might already be aware of how important this tool set is. Most home owners set about building their tool chest little by little. Once the base tools are covered, you might want to check out these tools.

Mechanics Tools

A mechanics tool set is a great piece to have. It will allow you to investigate problems related to plumbing, heating and even automobile. This set will allow you to effortlessly unbolt and open machineries so that you can better understand what’s working and not.

Impact socket set

This set goes inline with an impact wrench. Using both, you will be able to open any piece of equipment without wearing out the bolts. Impact wrenches are great to work with because machineries are often bolted together with great force. A powerful impact wrench will do the work for you, which will leave you feeling less tired and frustrated.

Automotive tool set

Automotive tools are ideal if you are working on cars. This set of tools will give you everything you need to take care of your car yourself. A lot of the time, people will use inadequate tools to work on machineries. This causes wear and tear to the bolts. That’s why a automotive tool set is a great addition to your tool set. It is important to use the right tool, especially for delicate machineries.

Toolsmith Direct provides good quality equipment from service to sales in order to help you make up your mechanics tool set.

How to Remodel the Front of Your Home on a Budget

To enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it to stand out in the neighborhood, it’s important to remodel the front of the property for an upgrade that can transform the space. Although remodeling can be an exciting project, it can also be an expensive one for homeowners. Fortunately, there are a few steps to take to remodel the front of your property without breaking the bank.


Repaint the Home

Give the front of your home a makeover by repainting it a contemporary and modern shade that allows it to look upgraded. The trim should also be repainted a neutral shade that complements the house and highlights the different features for a quick fix that is affordable.

Add a New Front Door

The front door of the home is one of the main details of the property that stands out to those passing by. If the door is older than 10 years, install new accent windows or swap out a splintered door for one with intricate designs. To keep the upgrade within your budget, you can also consider painting the front door a color that contrasts with your home’s exterior paint job. Try bright or deep colors like red, yellow, or black for a shade that stands out.

Add a Decorative Accent

Add more dimension to your yard with a decorative accent that works as a focal point on the property. A wood arch will allow vines to grow up for a beautiful entrance to the home that makes for an affordable decorative item. A water fountain or bird bath can also increase the quality of the property and allow it to look more high-end without spending thousands of dollars on landscaping or redoing the structure of the home. Water features also welcome butterflies and birds to the yard for a tranquil environment.

Source: ETO Doors is a door supplier located in Los Angeles offering more than 40,000 styles online, and within its 300,000 square foot showroom. Visit ETO Doors online, or read ETO Doors reviews.

Choosing the Materials for a Door

Most doors perform functional and decorative roles. Some are sophisticated and ornate while others are used for security or as a shield against the weather. A properly constructed door adds curb appeal and may add to the market value of your property as it saves on annual energy costs. Choosing the materials for a door should reflect where the door will be placed and how it will perform.

Wood is popular for both exterior and interior doors. Many types of doors can be fashioned from wood. Colors of wood aren’t the most pressing concern because most wood species can be perfectly stained to any imaginable color. Because fine wood is also durable, it will take tiny nicks or dents in stride. Most homeowners perform small repairs without engaging a professional.

Steel and other metal doors are also popular with contractors and homeowners. Because metal is durable and secure, these doors won’t swell, decay, or warp over time. They may also cost less than solid wood in some cases. However, metal doors may suffer dents and dings. Unlike wood doors, imperfections in metal aren’t usually repairable.

Fiberglass, like steel and metal doors, resists environmental damage. This material can be painted or stained almost any color. Today’s fiberglass doors are made to look like fine wood grain, so it’s possible to get the look of wood without the commitment to maintain it.

Other materials, including wood veneers or wooden core, are popular. Sliding doors or storm doors are often made of glass. Glass panel inlays for front entry doors, or vinyl sliding inner doors, are widely available and quite durable. Still other doors (especially interior doors) are fashioned of vinyl. Garage doors are frequently made of fiberglass, steel, wood, or aluminum.

Budget frequently plays a factor in choosing the materials for a door. Buyers shouldn’t assume that fiberglass or vinyl cost less. It’s best to compare specific dimensions along with fabrications before making a choice.

ETO Doors strives to offer the most attractive doors in the industry at the most affordable prices. ETO Doors are often sold well below wholesale cost, and experts are standing by with advice on installation. Find a door you like, then browse ETO Doors reviews online.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools for the Job

Written by Toolsmith Direct

Before you begin any home improvement project, it’s essential that you have the right tools. Obviously, you won’t get very far without them. Furthermore, nothing compares to the frustration that comes from getting well into a project only to realize you’re missing the tools necessary to finish it. So it’s good advice to begin a project by actually making a list of the tools you plan on using. Go over the project step by step to ensure you actually have everything you need and only then should you begin.

Don’t forget to consider less obvious tools that you may still need. A snap-on air hose, for example, will come in handy if you plan on making a mess by the time the project is over. There are a plethora of other snap-on air tools you should consider using for the job as well.

Speaking of making a mess, no home improvement project is ever without the need for cleaning when everything is said and done. You’ll thank me later if you begin this project by first ensuring you have all the cleaning you supplies you need. Many otherwise successful projects have left a bad taste in their homeowner’s mouths long after they were done because of the insurmountable mess that was leftover at the end.


No matter what your home project calls for, Toolsmith Direct can help. The company carries everything from air hose options to just about any tool you would need for all your home projects.