The costs of an EDI implementation

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1In order to financially justify the implementation of an EDI system, a thorough cost analysis needs to be done. That cost will depend on which type of EDI system you go with, an in-house system, or with the use of an EDI service provider. Here are a look at the two systems:


An in-house implementation has been by few of the larger organizations. There are several advantages to this approach. Namely management of the system, control and security considerations. The investment to get edi compliance will be significant and the following systems will need to be setup internally:

EDI software
Communications software
EDI transmission methods
Mapping and translation software
EDI and mapping specialists
Ongoing upgrades, support and maintenance

VAN/EDI Provider

Third party providers will need to be judged based on different criteria. A prime consideration would be the number of partners  present on the vendor’s system. Another would be international support for overseas partners. Some will also provide training and support for your staff directly. They should also be able to provide options on getting your partners on board EDI.

In terms of financials the providers tend to charge on volume of transactions, while offering differing payment models. The payment models are usually annual, monthly or pay as you go.

Based on the above, it appears that an in- house system will make the most sense for larger organizations that will be able to recover the significant investments. Smaller businesses will be better served by using a provider.

Act Data is an web based edi provider for retail and supplier environments.


Three Types of Safes on the Market

How safe is your safe? Although many people do not know it, safes can be classified following a system used by UL, which for over a century has been providing independent verification of safety and security for a wide variety of household devices.


UL’s ratings are based on how long, in minutes, a safe can be expected to stand up to attempted break-ins and what instruments are used to try to break the safe. A TL in the rating indicates that the safe is resistant to hand and power tools, so for example TL 30 safes are those that require 30 minutes to break into using tools.

TR means that the safe resists cutting torches — a safe that resists both tools and torches is rated TRTL.

Finally, an X in the rating code indicates that the safe is also resistant to explosives.

Note, however, that all these ratings apply only to the safe door. It may be easier for a criminal to break into the safe by cutting through one of the other sides. If this is a concern, look for one that has an x6 in the code, such as a TRTL30x6 safe. This indicates that the safe is resistant on all six sides, including the top and bottom.

Which kind of safe is best for you? That depends on your budget, and what you plan to keep secure. A reputable manufacturer such as ISM Safes will be able to help you find the model that best meets your needs.
Looking for used safes online? Contact First Security Safe to find quality safes online and save money.

What Construction Consultants Do

A construction consultant isn’t someone behind a desk looking at pictures of your site. Although they do have offices, and will take pictures for review, these workers are hands-on and are not afraid to fill-in for a variety of roles around the site. These consultants also have a legal background, or are familiar with the laws of your state. When you hire a consultant, it’s important to ask about his or her qualifications.


Administration Tasks

A construction consultant’s job is to review the parameters of a project and help determine the kinds of resources are needed. This makes them perfect for administrative tasks such as ordering materials, or determining the time frame for a project. They can also assist construction companies in scheduling employees to work. They may also help contribute to the budgeting process,offering guidance on how to complete the project per requirements, but look for ways to cut costs in the process.

Project Planning

Construction advisory services assist builders in tasks such as designing the structure. Consultants also work with crews to determine what kinds of changes need to be made to the plan. A construction site is a rapidly changing environment, and anything from materials to man power can speed or slow things down. A consultant brings knowledge to the table. For instance: if one supplier runs out of the required materials for a project, a consultant can assist the builder in finding a different supplier to fulfill the order. This keeps you running on-time as well as within the original specs.


There are many reasons why a building fails, but someone like a structural steel expert can actually explain what happened. The goal of these important expert witnesses is to help the public understand the facts surrounding a particular case. They may be used on both aisles of the court room, helping to bolster an argument with factual data about the materials used. They can also help renovate historic buildings, offering expert analysis on the materials used in the original construction.

Final Thoughts

A consultant is a lot like a contractor. In fact, most are retired or experienced contractors. They are useful throughout the entire process of construction, and can provide guidance to keep projects under budget. A consultant isn’t always necessary. On larger projects, especially those in multiple locations, a consultant will prove invaluable.
Lyle Charles is a construction claims expert who specializes in the analysis of materials. Lyle Charles offers expert witness testimony, and he has years of experience constructing stadiums and arenas.

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Options for Building Materials

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There have never been so many options for building materials as there are today. It would be nearly impossible to count them all. But a few continue to be favored by construction companies all over the world.

One of the oldest materials in the world is rock. Whether you know it today as concrete or cement, the idea is the same. With all the polished options you have these days, it’s hard to ignore all you can do with this choice.

Another great standby is steel. For how strong, durable and, actually, malleable it is, steel can’t be beat for affordability. A structure made out of steel will stand the test of time. Best of all, there are enough firms and professionals experienced with steel that, should it be necessary, you’ll have no issue finding the help you may need where consulting is involved—think, construction claims consultants.

Everyone knows wood is still hugely important where construction is concerned. It helps fill out the backbone of just about every major build, for one thing. But wood comes in a number of different types, so you need to do your research far more so than the other two options. Many companies have made the mistake of buying a certain type of wood to save money and found it cost them far more later one.


Lyle Charles Consulting is the company you need for plenty of construction advisory services that help make your build a smooth one. Whether you need construction advisory services, anexpert witness or just help smoothing over a rough patch, they’re the ones to call.


Get the Most from Your Construction Business

Written byAccu Build

If you’re in the construction business, chances are the last handful of years have not been especially easy ones. In fact, you might even consider yourself lucky to still be in business, all things considered. The recession has made it very difficult to build homes or other structures and reliably turn a profit. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Companies who success leverage all the advantages available to them. These days, this includes the right type of construction software. Without doing this, your company can’t possible hope to fulfill its potential or otherwise beat the odds. However, it also means you’re handing an advantage to the competition. No company can afford to do this, but especially not at a time like now.

Don’t just choose any type of management software, though. You need the kind that is tailor-made for this particular industry. Otherwise, you’re wasting money and making more work for yourself.

Contractor accounting software is a great example, as well as the type that helps you consider unions or take into account your suppliers. Without these angles covered, the software you’re using lacks too much to make it worth it.

So even in this particular economic climate, make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay ahead—software is one of the best ways to do so.


Whether certified payroll softwareor simply project management, you need the right kind of tools that’s developed for the construction industry in mind. With Accu Build, you get just such a solution—the kind meant for your business that solves real problems.



Repainting Like New

By Accudraft Paint Booths

                There comes a point in the lives of our cars when the paint starts to go bad. Scratches accumulate all over the car, acquired from all its trips. The clear coat starts to fade and the general quality of the paint just starts to worsen after all the years of exposure to the elements. When this happens, it’s high time to get your car repainted. It may seem costly but it will be worth it when you see how your car will turn out, looking like you just brought it home form the lot.

                Still, despite a brand new look, most of us just can’t get over the price tag. There will be a few who will offer a full paint job of your car, but would that really be worth it? You may spend a little less now, but in the future, who knows how much you’ll end up paying for the maintenance of the paint of your car? On the other hand, not all of those who have a large price tag offer a great job.

                It’s important that you check out the facilities and that it is complete and equipped with all the necessary gear like a prep station. It’s also wise picking those with more sophisticated facilities like those that have a downdraft paint booth rather than those who have makeshift rooms that are simply converted and dedicated to painting.

                The paint on your car is important to its appearance & value, don’t skimp out,  make the right choice!

Accudraft Paint Booths is a trusted provider of spray booth technology with over thirty years of experience. Accudraft has a wide range of paint booths and preparation booths designed with top-notch technology.

Better Software Means Better Construction

By Accu Build

A successful build takes countless tools. But one important resource you simply can’t overlook is construction software. By using the cutting edge in modern technology, you can leverage all of your resources into producing better results.

Whether you could benefit from AIA billing software or just better oversight, the software solution is out there. You’ll wonder how you ever made it so long without using software that’s tailor made for your industry.

That’s the problem with so many other software solutions. Sure, there are a number you can buy to help with payroll, manage projects or even just keep track of your taxes. But unless they’re custom made for the construction industry, chances are you’re going to be losing out on benefits you could really use. You might even find yourself trying to make your own modifications to get the performance you need.

None of this is ideal, of course, and, in fact, it can result in some major problems for your company. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be the kind of performance you settle for anymore. Instead, find software that’s made for the construction business and enjoy very real results as soon as you start using it. Best of all, with updates always an important part of the software industry, you can count on seeing progressively better versions as time goes on.

AccuBuild creates software solutions that help contractors get more from their work. Their programs can help measure everything from the construction job cost to how much of it is owed to suppliers, unions, etc.