Choosing the Materials for a Door

Most doors perform functional and decorative roles. Some are sophisticated and ornate while others are used for security or as a shield against the weather. A properly constructed door adds curb appeal and may add to the market value of your property as it saves on annual energy costs. Choosing the materials for a door should reflect where the door will be placed and how it will perform.

Wood is popular for both exterior and interior doors. Many types of doors can be fashioned from wood. Colors of wood aren’t the most pressing concern because most wood species can be perfectly stained to any imaginable color. Because fine wood is also durable, it will take tiny nicks or dents in stride. Most homeowners perform small repairs without engaging a professional.

Steel and other metal doors are also popular with contractors and homeowners. Because metal is durable and secure, these doors won’t swell, decay, or warp over time. They may also cost less than solid wood in some cases. However, metal doors may suffer dents and dings. Unlike wood doors, imperfections in metal aren’t usually repairable.

Fiberglass, like steel and metal doors, resists environmental damage. This material can be painted or stained almost any color. Today’s fiberglass doors are made to look like fine wood grain, so it’s possible to get the look of wood without the commitment to maintain it.

Other materials, including wood veneers or wooden core, are popular. Sliding doors or storm doors are often made of glass. Glass panel inlays for front entry doors, or vinyl sliding inner doors, are widely available and quite durable. Still other doors (especially interior doors) are fashioned of vinyl. Garage doors are frequently made of fiberglass, steel, wood, or aluminum.

Budget frequently plays a factor in choosing the materials for a door. Buyers shouldn’t assume that fiberglass or vinyl cost less. It’s best to compare specific dimensions along with fabrications before making a choice.

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