Construction Planning: Saving Time and Money

Written by: Lyle Charles

Construction project managers have a monumental task on their plate: finish a building (sometimes something as ambitious as a skyscraper or sports arena) within a set amount of time and come under budget. Not so simple! Still, with the right crew advising him, any construction project manager has a good chance of beating the odds and completing the project on time.

Group of Architects Planning


Construction advisory services are an indispensible part of the construction process. Their job is to assist in all of the aspects of planning, from plans and permits to personnel and materials. They help you find solid suppliers who can deliver what you need on time. They also help coordinate with the various crews working on your project to fill in gaps for scheduling.

They can look over plans and give some indication of scope of work, including items you might have missed as the manager. Most of these crews have experience tallying ten or twenty years, so they speak from a place of authority. They don’t waste time, and they understand how to get past planning and into production.


A steel fabrication expert can be valuable throughout the project, as they will help determine what materials to use and how to use them. They can provide advice on welding, setting materials and even embedding steel. If your building has ornamental steel, these experts are well-versed in setting those beams in a way that is structurally sound and safe. If you’re seeking permit approval, a steel fabrication expert is well worth the cost of hiring.

The biggest red flag to watch for when ordering materials is to guarantee a delivery date, and specify where the shipment will be delivered to. Access can be a huge problem for remote job sites, and that poor access can add to the overall tab for materials. Delivery dates can also be fickle if there is a supply shortage. Look for guarantees from your supplier, and keep all written correspondence. You may need to prove those guarantees in court.

Final Thoughts

If you run into legal troubles along the way, a construction claims expert can provide you help at a more affordable rate than your average attorney. Legal disputes should go to an attorney, but claims are more about figuring out who is owed what money and why. A claims expert can help you organize the documents you need to prove your case in court. Claims can also go to mediation if necessary, which will give both you and your legal adversary a venue to air your grievance in front of a trained construction mediator.