Solid Wood Interior Doors For Commercial Use

Written by ETO Doors

Solid wood interior doors come with various advantages that could be considered when replacing doors or installing new ones. While solid doors tend to be relatively more expensive compared to other doors, their numerous benefits make for the cost. Door manufacturers generally provide a large array of designs to choose from. In most cases, the main advantage of choosing this type of door is for aesthetics. Apart from looking good, these doors are extremely sturdy and tend to last for years and even decades. There are, however, other more important advantages that need not be disregarded, especially in a commercial setting.

Energy Efficiency

Since these doors provide more insulation than the other types of doors, less energy is required to heat up or cool down rooms, more so when the door is properly framed. These type of solid wood doors also substantially decrease travelling sound. This is ideal in privacy settings such as clinics or legal offices.

Fire and Burglars

Solid wood interior doors tend to slow down any burglar that might be seeking to unlock the doors of an office or particular storage area. These types of doors are also more resistant to the spread of fire compared to hollow core or engineered wood doors.

Mahogany interior doors provide a glamourous look to just about any setting as this wood tends to hold really well and it is able to sustain various hardware, nails and glues. This type of door is also known not to hold much stains. The mahogany door is also not prone to warping. The door seasons well and it holds its frame.

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