Get a Better Interior Through a Better Type of Door

By ETO Doors

Everyone wants the outside of their home to be a good representation of the people living inside. No one wants it to look bad or otherwise leave a bad first impression on those who walk or drive by it. It’s only natural to take pride in this sort of thing.

Furthermore, people want to make sure the inside of their home is gorgeous and enjoyable as well. Who wants to come home to a house they hate? Who wants to deal with not being able to have friends and family over because their home isn’t up to snuff?

ETO Doors7Fortunately, you can do some really easy things to make your home look gorgeous throughout. Solid wood interior doors will give you a look you can be proud of, whether you choose one to put in a prominent position or utilize them for every single room. Whatever the case, people will take notice.

For best results, consider your options with mahogany doors. While they’ll cost you a bit more than your average wooden door, they’re worth every penny. You can almost feel the quality of this kind of door just by looking at it which is exactly what you want.


If your home needs a new door or two, look no further than ETO doors. Whether you need mahogany interior doors or any other style for your home, this company has everything you could possible want and probably a few options you never thought of before.

Types of wooden doors you can use for your exterior door

Written by ETO Doors

The most important and striking feature of your house is the front door. It is the first thing you or your visitors see. It sets up what people feel about the house and what you expect to see inside. Wooden doors are still the most popular for exterior doors. They have sense of polish, they are solid and imply strength and security and above all they look great.

White Oak is one of the most popular choices for making exterior doors because of its durability, resistance and sturdiness. It is a very hard wood that can last for years. With just a little bit of maintenance, you can expect use the door for a very long time. This makes it a very good investment.

Another popular choice is Mahogany. It has high-level resistance to water and will not deform. It is resistant to the effects of temperature, moisture and chemicals. It looks beautiful and clean when polished. It is a good choice but is more costly than other types of wood.

ETO Doors is a manufacturer of high quality interior and exterior wood doors for homeowners and businesses. They have a full catalog of doors and accessories available at their website.

Feeling Cramped? How Your Doors May Be Ruining Your Rooms

If you’ve owned a home for long, odds are you have settled in and accepted more than a few unanticipated frustrations and quibbles. A breakfast nook with a stunning view of a brick wall is an immediately noticeable sign of a property to avoid. However, a bathroom door that slams into your bedroom door is something you can only notice once you’ve lived somewhere for a few months. If you opted to own rather than lease, you may want to consider taking action early to repair frustrating snarls like this so you can spend as much time as possible enjoying your space.


The Sliding Solution

When it comes to improperly arranged doorways, sometimes the answer is to think outside the box. In America we’re accustomed to swinging doors between rooms and sliding doors for closets and showers. However, these are not always ideal for every living space, especially in smaller apartments or unusual buildings like single homes that have been converted into duplexes. Poorly placed doors can clatter against walls and cause damage, squish occupants against the wall in tiny hallways, or even block other doorways and cause significant fire hazards.

Multiple Perks

If your hallway is long enough to accommodate for it, replacing one swinging door with a sliding door can make your home more easily navigable, and safer to boot. Sliding doors for master bathrooms prevent water and steam from drifting into your bedroom, thereby keeping your sheets and curtains mildew-free. For the home-security minded, sliding doors have excellent locking options such as pegs or boards that prevent the door from moving even a millimeter. They also offer superior soundproofing properties that help you take an office located just off the living room and turn it into a productive and serene space without needing to shoo the kids outside.

Bio: Based out of Los Angeles, ETO Doors is a door manufacturer with showrooms in Las Vegas and New York. ETO Doors offers a variety of doors with a wide array of features such as speakeasy windows and hand-carving, in addition to custom-cut doors. Browse their selection, read ETO Doors reviews, and more by visiting their site online today

Optical Coatings on Telescopes

Summary: This is why some telescopes cost substantially more than others.

For most people, seeing the planets will require little more than a telescope and a clear evening. However, serious star gazers will want to consider an upgrade to telescopes that feature lenses treated by optical coating systems. These lenses have several advantages over the standard store-bought varieties, but they aren’t always easy for the newcomer to recognize. If you’re wondering why some telescopes are vastly different in price, this may help you understand.


Coating Types

Before we dive into coating types, we need to first make note of the method in which the lens is coated. Cheaper methods, like the dip and bake, may lower the cost to you but the quality suffers greatly. The coatings don’t last as long as an ebeam coating would. Within a year or two you’ll literally wipe away the coating.

Aluminum and titanium oxide, as well as magnesium fluoride, represent the most common substance used. High quality lenses are “fully coated,” which means that the coating has been applied to both sides. This is different from “multi-coated” lenses, which may also carry a high price tag. The multi-coat name comes from the multiple layers of chemicals applied to the lens in order to alter properties like light transmission.

Buying Your Telescope

In addition to any coatings applied to the lens of the telescope, you might want some additional upgrades. A tripod mounted telescope, for instance, are easy to set up and provide stability. You can also purchase telescopes with recording capabilities, so you can capture video footage for time lapse editing later.

Bio: Denton Vacuum, LLC specializes in ion beam assisted deposition systems for optical coating and advanced manufacturing. Denton Vacuum, LLC sells equipment used in the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

Keep Your Animals Safe with Electric Fences

Written by Farm Supply Store

Do you own a number of animals? Perhaps you’re a breeder of some sort or a farmer who has livestock. Whatever the case, that many large animals need to be protected. Often, they’re their own worst enemy. If you don’t keep them safe from themselves, they’ll end up getting hurt all on their own or run away altogether. However, you also need to keep them safe from outside threats like coyotes and other wild animals.

1That’s why so many people insist on having an electric fence surrounding their property. Many have separate areas for different types of animals that are built in electric fence wire and thus able to keep every creature where it belongs.

To those who think it may be inhumane, you can decide how much electricity each fence gives off with a shock. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to tell animals they need to stay put. Usually, it also only takes a few contacts before your livestock learns it’s not worth trying again.

Electric fences are also a good way to keep outside animals away. Just like your livestock, they’ll soon learn that trying to get after your cows, horses, etc. isn’t worth feeling voltage go through their bodies every time they try.


If you’re in the market for electric fence supplies, you could take your chances with all kinds of shops or simply go with the reputable Farm Supply Store and their amazing selection.

The Importance of Quality Commercial Doors

Written By ETO Doors

A lot goes into running a successful commercial business. Obviously, you need a great business model. You need a quality product or service. It also helps if you have tremendous customer service. However, if your business depends on a physical location, then it’s also important that you appreciate its power to make a good first impression or, on the other hand, lose you customers.

There is no end to the ways you could help your store look its best, but one important way many people overlook is having the right doors. After all, no customer is going to get to you without first passing through the front door and maybe even a couple more after that.

With prehung interior French doors, you can make an amazing impression. They look amazing, of course, but they also give you a number of options too, so you can customize them based on your company and physical space.

You have interior and exterior French doors available too, which means you can use them more than once to really give your company a professional, yet stylish feel. Pair them with the right knobs and you’ll love showing them off to customers.

While you could spend years getting your store or office to look right, don’t forget about the little details. Doors, for example, could have a big impact.


Looking for doors for your home? Whether you need French doors or something far more extravagant, you’ll find everything you need at ETO Doors and so much more.

High-Impact, No Stress Home Protection Measures

With recent disasters on the news, you may be thinking about how best to protect your home against inclement weather and other acts of god. There are a couple of easy enhancements you can make to your home to round out your home protection set-up. Properly tested and graded doors like storm doors and hurricane impact doors can help prevent pressure build-up in the home, protect inner doors and glass inserts from debris, and prevent water and air from entering your home.



Approvals to Look For

If you live in a high-wind area, you may want to look for storm doors that are rated for hurricane approval. For the highest levels of approval doors must be tested and rated using a variety of tests, including impact and cyclic tests, air infiltration tests, uniform static air resistance tests, large missile tests, and water resistance tests. Make sure your door has a “sweep”, a strip along the bottom of the door designed to keep out bugs, air, and moisture. Door closers may be included or added to pull doors shut on their own again if blown open.


Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance ensures storm doors will continue to provide high quality protection against rain, wind, and debris. Check for dents, scratches, torn material, and debris in hinges and between panels. Check the closer and latches to ensure they are securely attached to both the door and the door jamb. Regularly oil and open and close storm doors to check on their proper function.


Additional Solutions

To enhance home security during hurricanes and other inclement weather, consider purchasing storm shutters made of plywood, fabric panels, or corrugated steel or aluminum, depending on your needs. There are a variety of pros and cons; however, so long as they are properly installed almost all solutions will improve overall house safety.


Bio: ETO Doors is a custom door manufacturer based out of Los Angeles with two showrooms in New York and Las Vegas. They carry a variety of doors available for custom order or purchase online, with a variety of specialty options such as solid wood and oil-rubbed bronze embellishments. Read ETO Doors reviews, browse their selection, and more online at the ETO Doors site.

How Sputtering Can Affect the Finish on a Substrate

Have you ever seen the fine polish on the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle? The metal shaping process isn’t how bikes get their sheen, and polish can only get someone so far. These parts have all been through a sputter coater designed to give an even finish, most likely thin film deposition. This even coating gives the smooth, shiny appearance hobbyists love with minimal material waste. That has helped keep costs for parts down and kept markets alive.


Sputtering is useful in many kinds of advanced manufacturing, especially manufacturing metalized products. The aerospace and automobile industries could not produce what they are able to without some efficient method that reduces waste and produces the perfect finish.

Why Sputtering?

A substrate can be coated in thin films of metallic materials, as long as it is evenly rotated to avoid unnecessary buildup. That’s one of the advantages to sputtering, an even coat free from defects. That might not matter to someone riding a bicycle, who finds a small metallic imperfection, but it makes a huge difference in precision applications for healthcare practitioners or pilots.

Besides the coating system, thin film vacuum coating is used to provide the same finish.  You can imagine the process a lot like spray painting the wall of your house. The substrate is given an even coating from materials ejected through an extremely small nozzle. The chemicals are converted to gas via superheating well before hand. To protect the substrate, a vacuum sealed chamber is used because engineers can control temperature with greater precision.

How Magnets Help Coat Substrates

Some vacuum deposition systems utilize magnets, allowing for the same kind of application using different means. In this case, the nozzle mechanism that sputters is replaced by magnets pulling ions with opposite charges. These machines use pulses of magnetism to attract metals, which pull ions onto the substrate. Because ions with an opposing charge are repelled during this process, chemicals are smashed into the substrate to give it the coating desired. This process is preferred because of the low levels of radiation emitted.

Pros and Cons

Not all sputtering systems are useful in every situation. Some leave inconsistencies in the material, and are useful for certain applications. Ion-beam assisted deposition, for example, is best used for circuit boards that require precise conductivity between components.
Denton Vacuum, LLC specializes in machinery used in advanced manufacturing, including plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition.

Solid Wood Interior Doors For Commercial Use

Written by ETO Doors

Solid wood interior doors come with various advantages that could be considered when replacing doors or installing new ones. While solid doors tend to be relatively more expensive compared to other doors, their numerous benefits make for the cost. Door manufacturers generally provide a large array of designs to choose from. In most cases, the main advantage of choosing this type of door is for aesthetics. Apart from looking good, these doors are extremely sturdy and tend to last for years and even decades. There are, however, other more important advantages that need not be disregarded, especially in a commercial setting.

Energy Efficiency

Since these doors provide more insulation than the other types of doors, less energy is required to heat up or cool down rooms, more so when the door is properly framed. These type of solid wood doors also substantially decrease travelling sound. This is ideal in privacy settings such as clinics or legal offices.

Fire and Burglars

Solid wood interior doors tend to slow down any burglar that might be seeking to unlock the doors of an office or particular storage area. These types of doors are also more resistant to the spread of fire compared to hollow core or engineered wood doors.

Mahogany interior doors provide a glamourous look to just about any setting as this wood tends to hold really well and it is able to sustain various hardware, nails and glues. This type of door is also known not to hold much stains. The mahogany door is also not prone to warping. The door seasons well and it holds its frame.

ETO Doors specializes in doors for various indoor and outdoor uses. Their products includes mahogany doors.

Printing a Circuit Board

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

Summary: Producing circuit boards at a massive scale involves advanced manufacturing processes.

Circuit boards are now a ubiquitous part of modern homes. They are in everything, from the microwaves that heat our food to the cell phones that help us connect with each other. Circuit boards have to be produced en masse in order to keep up with this demand, fueling the need for modern manufacturing that offer precision and speed. Ion beam deposition allows manufacturers to create intricate circuit boards that power all kinds of machinery in a fraction of the time it took the Silicon Valley to do originally. These improvements have not only created more efficient processes, they have lessened the costs of manufacturing.

Photolithography and Etching

A circuit begins with the substrate, or the board itself. Manufacturers design the kind of board they want on a computer, then they use photolithography to create an image of that design on the board itself. Ion beam etching is then used to deposit strict amounts of metals and other substances to the board at precise locations. This allows for more effective connections that can power a greater number of tasks.

One reason that ion beam is chosen over UHV sputter deposition is the amount of waste involved. UHV sputtering is best used when there is no precision required.


Circuit boards have become incredibly intricate as technology has progressed, and there are more connections required to divert power to the parts of a machine. Improvements in manufacturing have allowed for greater precision in the design and construction of circuit boards.