Keep Your Animals Safe with Electric Fences

Written by Farm Supply Store

Do you own a number of animals? Perhaps you’re a breeder of some sort or a farmer who has livestock. Whatever the case, that many large animals need to be protected. Often, they’re their own worst enemy. If you don’t keep them safe from themselves, they’ll end up getting hurt all on their own or run away altogether. However, you also need to keep them safe from outside threats like coyotes and other wild animals.

1That’s why so many people insist on having an electric fence surrounding their property. Many have separate areas for different types of animals that are built in electric fence wire and thus able to keep every creature where it belongs.

To those who think it may be inhumane, you can decide how much electricity each fence gives off with a shock. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to tell animals they need to stay put. Usually, it also only takes a few contacts before your livestock learns it’s not worth trying again.

Electric fences are also a good way to keep outside animals away. Just like your livestock, they’ll soon learn that trying to get after your cows, horses, etc. isn’t worth feeling voltage go through their bodies every time they try.


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