Feeling Cramped? How Your Doors May Be Ruining Your Rooms

If you’ve owned a home for long, odds are you have settled in and accepted more than a few unanticipated frustrations and quibbles. A breakfast nook with a stunning view of a brick wall is an immediately noticeable sign of a property to avoid. However, a bathroom door that slams into your bedroom door is something you can only notice once you’ve lived somewhere for a few months. If you opted to own rather than lease, you may want to consider taking action early to repair frustrating snarls like this so you can spend as much time as possible enjoying your space.


The Sliding Solution

When it comes to improperly arranged doorways, sometimes the answer is to think outside the box. In America we’re accustomed to swinging doors between rooms and sliding doors for closets and showers. However, these are not always ideal for every living space, especially in smaller apartments or unusual buildings like single homes that have been converted into duplexes. Poorly placed doors can clatter against walls and cause damage, squish occupants against the wall in tiny hallways, or even block other doorways and cause significant fire hazards.

Multiple Perks

If your hallway is long enough to accommodate for it, replacing one swinging door with a sliding door can make your home more easily navigable, and safer to boot. Sliding doors for master bathrooms prevent water and steam from drifting into your bedroom, thereby keeping your sheets and curtains mildew-free. For the home-security minded, sliding doors have excellent locking options such as pegs or boards that prevent the door from moving even a millimeter. They also offer superior soundproofing properties that help you take an office located just off the living room and turn it into a productive and serene space without needing to shoo the kids outside.

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Cut Down Noise in the Workplace

A loud or noisy workplace hurts business in almost every possible way. From a productivity standpoint, workflow is disrupted by distracting sounds that break concentration and focus and cost companies money every day in wasted time. Even employees making a concerted effort to ignore distractions are prone to mistakes and errors that could have been prevented if they were allowed to maintain focus in a distraction-free setting. From a safety standpoint, noise is an even greater menace. In factories and warehouses, heightened industrial noise can be the cause of long-term hearing loss. Noise also can make basic communication difficult, leading to mistakes and safety concerns. To prevent these problems from impacting your workplace and employees, noise insulation products can help reduce distractions and improve peace of mind.


In large industrial settings, echoes and reflecting sound can be the source of a sound problem, even if the original noises aren’t that loud. In sprawling spaces with high-ceilings, voices and conversations bounce, reflect, and linger, creating a fog of noise that muddles what people are trying to hear.  Noise control foam is one way you can help reduce these issues. Substantial hanging baffles or custom-cut foam panels function as noise controls by diffusing and stopping these reflections from continuing around a space. Reducing this kind of excess noise clears and clarifies sound, so the only thing being heard is the original message, not the echo of another conversation from across the room. Baffles and tiles can be created in numerous patterns and colors to either accent or blend into their surroundings.


These sound treatment products can be applied in the same way for the same purpose on a smaller scale in offices as well. Acoustical tiles are able to perform the same kind of diffusing when mounted in a professional environment, cutting down on murmur from phone calls and brainstorming sessions that create standing echoes that pollute a room’s sound. Even acoustical drop ceiling tiles are made that contribute sound performance in a visually less noticeable way. Noise in the workplace noise isn’t just annoying, it can be dangerous and harm the bottom line.