Ion Beam Assisted Deposition for Optics

There is a microscopic coating on most eye glass lenses that protects against a number of common hazards. Lenses aren’t just made of non-scratch materials; optical coating systems use chemicals to achieve the desired effect. These processes are used every day in the construction of semi-conductors, where a thin film of highly conductive material is applied directly to silicon circuit boards. The same principles are also used in the manufacture of eye glasses. Today’s glasses are very different from the old glass lenses of yesteryear. With these new scientific processes, the patient gets a quality product that is cheaper and easier to mass produce.

Ion Beam Deposition Process

The ion beam assisted deposition process begins in a sealed chamber, where special chemicals are heated to release particulate matter. The matter floats around the sealed chamber, while air is forced through. A substrate, the material that will receive the coating, is placed inside the sealed chamber. As the air cools the particulates, they settle onto the substrate. This creates a microscopic film that coats the substrate.

Optic Uses

The most common use for Ebeam coating is in the construction of glare-proof lenses. The thin film coating can also protect the user’s eyes from UV lighting. Anyone who has purchased scratch-resistant lenses has also benefitted from this process. Other coatings keep lenses from fogging up on cold days, or provide mirror sheen to the lenses. Dark shades that cover one’s eyes completely, sometimes called “poker glasses,” also rely on this coating but may need several applications to get the desired tint.

Other Processes

Aside from the actual glasses we wear on our faces, the process is used in other devices as well. Imaging technology used to do scans of your eyes requires special coatings. Any lab equipment that requires a semi conductor to function also uses the process to make the material conductive. Lenses that receive a colored tint may also rely on sputtering to apply the thin layer of dye without harming the lens or obscuring one’s vision.

Final Thoughts

Optical coating is an important part of treating patients with serious vision problems. Optical coatings are useful for tinting lenses of a patient who has just had eye surgery, or keeping eye glasses clean and scratch free. Today’s technology also means that patients worry a lot less about daily cleaning, which may have scratched older lenses. Optics have come a long way thanks to sputtering systems.

How to Store and Transport Warehouse Stock

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Protecting the stock in your warehouse is extremely important to your bottom line. You have to have facilities on-site where you can safely store stock, away from the elements, and you must have plans in place for long-term storage or transportation of those goods. Used shipping containers come in many sizes, and they are good for those times when you don’t have the extra space to allocate. Here are some tips to help you manage and protect your stock.


Make sure that you have a security door that leads into your warehouse, and that it creates an air tight seal. There is plenty of opportunity for small bugs and elements from outside to slip into your warehouse if too much is left exposed. It’s also important to mount some security cameras, so you can check for internal theft. Employees are one source of theft, but your warehouse may be vandalized when no one is around to catch the perpetrator. Having cameras gives you some evidence to defend your stock.


A flat rack container can give you the storage you need indoors, with plenty of access. These containers have a flat pallet in the middle, with walls on either side. The length of the container is wide open, so you can easily shuffle goods in and out of the container. Just remember to follow safety procedures and stack the heaviest goods on the bottom. This properly distributes the center of gravity and keeps accidents from occurring.


Sea Containers are ideal for transporting your goods long distances. They can be outfitted with lock boxes for added security, and some of them come insulated or refrigerated for those times when you need to transport perishable goods. Make sure that you tie containers down, and take care when crane loading certain containers as the side doors may open. Shipping containers are crucial for shipments overseas. There are too many freak rainstorms and rowdy seas to trust cardboard or other packing materials to do the job.


Transporting containers over land is much easier with shipping containers. It is easy to load and unload them from the heavy haul truck, and they are well protected from the environment as they are transported. Fit a lock box to the container to deter night time thieves, and your shipment will remain well-protected.

Options for Building Materials

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There have never been so many options for building materials as there are today. It would be nearly impossible to count them all. But a few continue to be favored by construction companies all over the world.

One of the oldest materials in the world is rock. Whether you know it today as concrete or cement, the idea is the same. With all the polished options you have these days, it’s hard to ignore all you can do with this choice.

Another great standby is steel. For how strong, durable and, actually, malleable it is, steel can’t be beat for affordability. A structure made out of steel will stand the test of time. Best of all, there are enough firms and professionals experienced with steel that, should it be necessary, you’ll have no issue finding the help you may need where consulting is involved—think, construction claims consultants.

Everyone knows wood is still hugely important where construction is concerned. It helps fill out the backbone of just about every major build, for one thing. But wood comes in a number of different types, so you need to do your research far more so than the other two options. Many companies have made the mistake of buying a certain type of wood to save money and found it cost them far more later one.


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Get the Most from Your Construction Business

Written byAccu Build

If you’re in the construction business, chances are the last handful of years have not been especially easy ones. In fact, you might even consider yourself lucky to still be in business, all things considered. The recession has made it very difficult to build homes or other structures and reliably turn a profit. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Companies who success leverage all the advantages available to them. These days, this includes the right type of construction software. Without doing this, your company can’t possible hope to fulfill its potential or otherwise beat the odds. However, it also means you’re handing an advantage to the competition. No company can afford to do this, but especially not at a time like now.

Don’t just choose any type of management software, though. You need the kind that is tailor-made for this particular industry. Otherwise, you’re wasting money and making more work for yourself.

Contractor accounting software is a great example, as well as the type that helps you consider unions or take into account your suppliers. Without these angles covered, the software you’re using lacks too much to make it worth it.

So even in this particular economic climate, make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay ahead—software is one of the best ways to do so.


Whether certified payroll softwareor simply project management, you need the right kind of tools that’s developed for the construction industry in mind. With Accu Build, you get just such a solution—the kind meant for your business that solves real problems.



High-Grade Tools For You

Article written by Toolsmith Direct

All tools are not the same. People might think that a tool will always be the same regardless of brand. Sure, some things might be different like the finish of the tool but that is not the case. The brand of your tools matters not only so you can brag about your fine set to your friends but to assure you that the tool you hold in your hand is of the finest quality.

It’s important to get well-known and trusted brands for your tools. You can trust big brands such as Powerbuilt or Snap-on. These large brands have meticulous quality control for their products and you can be assured of this because they need to maintain their name as a high-grade tool maker.

The importance of brands and tool reliability is all the more important with power tools and electric tools. These kinds of tools are more complicated and have a lot of moving parts. You need to have high quality tools that come from trusted brands! You wouldn’t want your cordless drill dying on you while you’re in the middle of an important project, would you?

The cost of these tools are important too and is probably a major factor in deciding which brand of tools you get. These large brands usually come at a high price but not anymore! There are many online sellers who offer great deals on such great tools, putting the highest quality tools in your hands.


Toolsmith Direct is a quality seller of hand tools and power tools and also offers servicing. Get your Powerbuilt Toolsat great prices at Toolsmith Direct!

How to Buy Low-Cost Shipping Containers for Your Business

Written by Port Containers

Many companies in various industries rely on shipping containers to store, ship, or handle goods. If your business depends on shipping containers, then you know how important it is to find quality containers at the right price. Skimp on quality, and the wrong container can end up costing you more money in the long run. But how do you find good-quality containers without spending a fortune?

If you’re in the market for new shipping containers, there is good news. There are a few things you can do to ensure you’re getting a good product at a low price. Here’s a look at how to buy premium shipping containers for your business without going over your budget.

Find a specialty retailer. While there are many companies that sell shipping containers, not all of them specialize in this type of product. Before you buy your containers, look for a company that sells and rents only shipping containers. Why? There are many reasons. A specialty retailer will have better quality products because they focus on only one type of product. They are known for shipping containers and will also have a better variety than other companies.

When it comes to knowledge, a specialty retailer will know more about your product than a company that sells thousands of products. This means you will receive better customer service when you need assistance with finding the right container for your company and needs.

Buy direct to save. In addition to finding a specialty retailer, make sure the company doesn’t have a middle man. Every business wants to save money. While there are many shipping container retailers on the market, not all of them have the lowest prices. This is because most companies have to also pay the middle man. Any time you’re able to buy directly from the source you will get the best price on the product. Look for a company that purchases shipping containers in bulk and delivers them straight to your door.

Request a quote. Once you’ve found a specialty retailer without a middle man, its’ time to request a quote for the product you need. Requesting a quote is a simple and important step to ensure that you don’t go over your budget. If the product is more than you’re willing or able to pay, then you can look into buying a used shipping container or consider renting one. Your goal is to get a good quality product at the right price, so compare quotes from various retailers to snag the lowest one.
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The Anatomy of a Door

Since the ancient Egyptians first placed doors in the tombs of Pharaohs, the door has always had the dual purpose of protecting the inside of a structure, and adding to its mystique. The door itself has not changed much over the years. Today, we mount our doors a little differently and have better hardware than the ancients, but the anatomy remains roughly the same.

The framework that surrounds the door is called the frame. Not all doors need a frame, but the frame helps protect the door from warping, and seals any unwanted drafts from coming into the home. It’s important that corners create an airtight seal, so they will be mounted through multiple screws and nails.

The deadbolt reinforcement plate helps prevent break-ins. It is like a shield that gives your door a bit of extra reinforcement to stand up against brute force entry. Some homes even have a multi-locking system that uses some combination of deadbolt locks with chains locks and possibly a bottom lock on the knob too.

The door also has a sill at the base, which is usually there to protect the interior from weather. Often times, contractors will add weather stripping when the door is located in the garage too. This provides an extra bit of closure that seals the gap and keeps the temperature in the home fairly normal. A door sweep is also used sometimes, and both help to keep your home running efficiently.

Today, it’s not uncommon to find doors with decorative glass pieces. The piece is called a transom, and they are available in styles for both above and to the sides of the door. You can also buy doors made of different materials, like wood or metal.

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