How to Store and Transport Warehouse Stock

Written by: Port Containers

Protecting the stock in your warehouse is extremely important to your bottom line. You have to have facilities on-site where you can safely store stock, away from the elements, and you must have plans in place for long-term storage or transportation of those goods. Used shipping containers come in many sizes, and they are good for those times when you don’t have the extra space to allocate. Here are some tips to help you manage and protect your stock.


Make sure that you have a security door that leads into your warehouse, and that it creates an air tight seal. There is plenty of opportunity for small bugs and elements from outside to slip into your warehouse if too much is left exposed. It’s also important to mount some security cameras, so you can check for internal theft. Employees are one source of theft, but your warehouse may be vandalized when no one is around to catch the perpetrator. Having cameras gives you some evidence to defend your stock.


A flat rack container can give you the storage you need indoors, with plenty of access. These containers have a flat pallet in the middle, with walls on either side. The length of the container is wide open, so you can easily shuffle goods in and out of the container. Just remember to follow safety procedures and stack the heaviest goods on the bottom. This properly distributes the center of gravity and keeps accidents from occurring.


Sea Containers are ideal for transporting your goods long distances. They can be outfitted with lock boxes for added security, and some of them come insulated or refrigerated for those times when you need to transport perishable goods. Make sure that you tie containers down, and take care when crane loading certain containers as the side doors may open. Shipping containers are crucial for shipments overseas. There are too many freak rainstorms and rowdy seas to trust cardboard or other packing materials to do the job.


Transporting containers over land is much easier with shipping containers. It is easy to load and unload them from the heavy haul truck, and they are well protected from the environment as they are transported. Fit a lock box to the container to deter night time thieves, and your shipment will remain well-protected.