What Construction Consultants Do

A construction consultant isn’t someone behind a desk looking at pictures of your site. Although they do have offices, and will take pictures for review, these workers are hands-on and are not afraid to fill-in for a variety of roles around the site. These consultants also have a legal background, or are familiar with the laws of your state. When you hire a consultant, it’s important to ask about his or her qualifications.


Administration Tasks

A construction consultant’s job is to review the parameters of a project and help determine the kinds of resources are needed. This makes them perfect for administrative tasks such as ordering materials, or determining the time frame for a project. They can also assist construction companies in scheduling employees to work. They may also help contribute to the budgeting process,offering guidance on how to complete the project per requirements, but look for ways to cut costs in the process.

Project Planning

Construction advisory services assist builders in tasks such as designing the structure. Consultants also work with crews to determine what kinds of changes need to be made to the plan. A construction site is a rapidly changing environment, and anything from materials to man power can speed or slow things down. A consultant brings knowledge to the table. For instance: if one supplier runs out of the required materials for a project, a consultant can assist the builder in finding a different supplier to fulfill the order. This keeps you running on-time as well as within the original specs.


There are many reasons why a building fails, but someone like a structural steel expert can actually explain what happened. The goal of these important expert witnesses is to help the public understand the facts surrounding a particular case. They may be used on both aisles of the court room, helping to bolster an argument with factual data about the materials used. They can also help renovate historic buildings, offering expert analysis on the materials used in the original construction.

Final Thoughts

A consultant is a lot like a contractor. In fact, most are retired or experienced contractors. They are useful throughout the entire process of construction, and can provide guidance to keep projects under budget. A consultant isn’t always necessary. On larger projects, especially those in multiple locations, a consultant will prove invaluable.
Lyle Charles is a construction claims expert who specializes in the analysis of materials. Lyle Charles offers expert witness testimony, and he has years of experience constructing stadiums and arenas.

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