Repainting Like New

By Accudraft Paint Booths

                There comes a point in the lives of our cars when the paint starts to go bad. Scratches accumulate all over the car, acquired from all its trips. The clear coat starts to fade and the general quality of the paint just starts to worsen after all the years of exposure to the elements. When this happens, it’s high time to get your car repainted. It may seem costly but it will be worth it when you see how your car will turn out, looking like you just brought it home form the lot.

                Still, despite a brand new look, most of us just can’t get over the price tag. There will be a few who will offer a full paint job of your car, but would that really be worth it? You may spend a little less now, but in the future, who knows how much you’ll end up paying for the maintenance of the paint of your car? On the other hand, not all of those who have a large price tag offer a great job.

                It’s important that you check out the facilities and that it is complete and equipped with all the necessary gear like a prep station. It’s also wise picking those with more sophisticated facilities like those that have a downdraft paint booth rather than those who have makeshift rooms that are simply converted and dedicated to painting.

                The paint on your car is important to its appearance & value, don’t skimp out,  make the right choice!

Accudraft Paint Booths is a trusted provider of spray booth technology with over thirty years of experience. Accudraft has a wide range of paint booths and preparation booths designed with top-notch technology.

Better Software Means Better Construction

By Accu Build

A successful build takes countless tools. But one important resource you simply can’t overlook is construction software. By using the cutting edge in modern technology, you can leverage all of your resources into producing better results.

Whether you could benefit from AIA billing software or just better oversight, the software solution is out there. You’ll wonder how you ever made it so long without using software that’s tailor made for your industry.

That’s the problem with so many other software solutions. Sure, there are a number you can buy to help with payroll, manage projects or even just keep track of your taxes. But unless they’re custom made for the construction industry, chances are you’re going to be losing out on benefits you could really use. You might even find yourself trying to make your own modifications to get the performance you need.

None of this is ideal, of course, and, in fact, it can result in some major problems for your company. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be the kind of performance you settle for anymore. Instead, find software that’s made for the construction business and enjoy very real results as soon as you start using it. Best of all, with updates always an important part of the software industry, you can count on seeing progressively better versions as time goes on.

AccuBuild creates software solutions that help contractors get more from their work. Their programs can help measure everything from the construction job cost to how much of it is owed to suppliers, unions, etc.

Building with Steel

By Lyle Charles

Working in the construction industry requires a lot of knowledge with how the industry works, the learning curve is pretty steep and if you slip up, you’re definitely going to fall off. Construction projects are all about the details, having a novice handle one is definitely not advisable as big projects such as those are best left to professionals who have years of experience to be able to properly decide what the firm needs to do; however, these professionals are human too and can overlook some details that turn out to be crucial for the project’s success. These firms would normally employ a third party construction expert witness to oversee the progress of the project as well as its initial plans to pre-emptively sort out potential problems in the future.

However not all of these consultation firms deal only with your process, but may offer knowledge from another supplemental industry, materials. A structural steel expert can be a great asset when trying to work out the kind of materials you will need for the frames, or the foundation; these experts can give you the right balance of flexibility, durability and affordability for your specific purpose and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. If in the case however of the sudden appearance of a claim, these firms would also tend to offer construction claim analysis to properly assess the situation and can help you decide what the proper action to take next is.

Lyle Charles is a firm that deals with advisory services as well as structural steel consultation.

4 Unexpected Legal Costs for Construction Companies

Besides the expenses that come with the everyday operation of any construction company, there’s always the lurking threat of litigation. Legal costs are one business variable that many ignore, often to their eventual detriment. Becoming more familiar with the legal costs you may be liable for in the future can help you to plan for them. The following unexpected legal costs can be a catastrophe for construction companies without protection.

Employee Injuries

No matter how many precautions you may take, any construction site is an inherently risky work environment. Employee injuries can make a serious dent in your bottom line if you don’t have adequate insurance coverage and legal representation. If you find yourself facing a lawsuit over alleged safety infractions, knowing how to find the right construction expert witness to back up your side of the story is of paramount importance.

Construction Defects

The field of construction defect litigation is rife with tales of costly lawsuits that have bankrupted companies. Clearly, the best way to avoid a messy legal action is to prevent construction defects from happening in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to do so thanks to faulty materials and other outside factors beyond your control. Having a good lawyer on retainer as well as insurance is your best defense.

Billing Disputes

Most construction projects only proceed once a well-defined budget with a fair degree of leeway factored in is agreed upon. As most construction professionals know, things rarely go according to plan in the budgeting department. Municipal projects are often prone to cost overruns that can result in legal action. Acquainting yourself with qualified construction claims consultants is a smart idea if you’re interested in reducing the chance of a major legal disaster.

Environmental Claims

Most reputable construction companies are well-versed in the intricacies of local and federal environmental regulations. Despite their best efforts, even the most cautious construction outfits often run afoul of some obscure environmental law at one point or another. Once an environmental claim has been filed, things can get expensive quickly. Having an environmental law expert on speed dial is a prudent move that can spare you many headaches.

Reducing Legal Costs

If any of these hypothetical legal scenarios become a reality, private mediation is often the least expensive way to go. To avoid a worst-case scenario, robust commercial liability insurance coverage is a must. No one can predict the future no matter how careful they are, after all. As such, preparing for the aforementioned potential legal costs ahead of time is just common sense.


, a structural steel expert with over 40 years of experience.