Consider Foam for Your Insulation

When it comes to materials we use for creature comforts, foam has to be right up there as one of the best. It’s effective, versatile, affordable and, because of these characteristics, it has countless applications. One great option for foam is using it as insulation. Canadians can always use more of that, especially when things get cold. To learn more about why foam makes such great insulation, continue reading.

By its nature, insulation is a fairly simple thing. You have walls that provide your home with shelter and you use foam to better fortify them and help do their job. But as technology has progressed, we have been able to find better and better ways to help insulation do this. Foam is a great example.

For one thing, there is open and closed cell foam. Canada homes are filled with both and both. Open cell foam simply means that many of the cells inside it are open, making for a lighter material that is also more flexible. On the other hand, closed cell foam has more cells which are closed ant this makes for a more rigid material. Both have their own advantages when it comes to insulation. The one that’s best for you will depend on your unique needs.

Don’t forget sound proofing foam too. While you may not choose it for insulation, you can use it in your walls to make sure sound from outside is dulled instead of interrupting your peace.


Article submitted by Canada foam by mail. The company supplies just about everything you need to stay comfortable, from mattresses, to pillows to custom cushions.

Use Glass to Make Your Pool Stand Out

When it comes to having a pool, there’s a lot to be excited about. Not only is there the joy of using it, but also the prospect of how it will raise your property value. However, they can just as easily become an eyesore you’d like people to avoid at all costs. One of the easiest ways to add a serious dimension of style to your home is by utilizing glass. Read on for how.

Glass pool walls take your pool’s look to another level. For example, they can make the water appear to be freestanding. When people are in the pool, you can see them swim underwater. Furthermore, because of exposure, the sun can easily help keep the water warm.

Every pool needs a fence, by law. But not all fences are created the same. Glass fences are a gorgeous way of keeping everyone safe and your property looking amazing. With glass frameless fencing, you are able to see directly into the pool area which helps you keep an eye on small children. When you’re enjoying the water, you’ll get more exposure to the sun and have less wind and unwanted sound to deal with.

Lastly, consider glass window for your out-of-ground pools or those that share a wall inside your home. It makes for a fun feature to be able to see inside the pool as people swim and can look back.


Seat Foams Explained

When it comes to sitting down, there probably doesn’t seem like there’s much to it. For the most, it is a leisurely activity, after all. As far as modern amenities go, our couches, sofas and loveseats may not be the most advanced science in our homes, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important.

Seat foam, for example, is the material that takes our weight when we sit down on much of our favorite furniture. Sofa seat cushions are built to take our weight and give enough push back that we don’t immediately sink and hit the furniture’s frame.

There is a very specific science that goes into this ability. However, this science does not make the foam impervious to old age. After enough exposure to sitting, your foam will begin losing its touch and you will need to consider replacing it.

When looking to replace your seat foam, it’s best to look for foam that is pre-cut in the shape you need it. The other alternative is to buy stuffing which will necessitate a boring, laborious process no one needs. Also, be sure you’re purchasing the right kind of foam or you’ll immediately notice that your seat now has too much, or too little, give.

While it’s easy to take for granted, the right kind of foam makes all the difference. Be sure to keep an eye on yours and, when necessary, to replace it properly . ______________________________________________________________________

Article submitted by The Foam Factory. They specialize in foam replacement for everything from couches to mattresses to the furniture in your boat and other miscellaneous needs.

The Advantages of Artificial Grass

Many people can’t imagine having a fake lawn. When they think of artificial grass, they usually think of artificial putting greens. But the truth is that the same materials used to keep the putting greens looking great can be used to do the same for your home. If you’re not convinced yet, continue reading.

Thanks to modern technology, your artificial lawn can look and even feel just like the real thing. To a casual observer, your lawn will simply look like a well cared for-property. You can even choose the specific kind of grass you’d like for your yard, so it matches with the types that are native to your area.

One of the best parts of fake grass, however, is the savings. It actually ends up paying for itself. Consider how much you spend on water every month to keep your lawn quenched. Those of us living in southern states know that this goes on all year long. Gas prices also aren’t going down anytime soon, but that’s exactly what you need if you want to mow your lawn regularly.

Artificial grass will save you time and energy too. Does anyone like spending a day mowing their lawn under the sun? Or getting dirty as they pull weeds one at a time? With an artificial lawn, you get your afternoons back.

While there are plenty of applications for fake grass, one of the most popular is quickly becoming residential lawns.

The Desktop Pro for the Medical Industry

The medical industry is constantly evolving and with it the production systems that create medical instruments, implants and devices. If you’re in the medical industry, it’s important to find a manufacturer with the experience and skills to develop the system you need. Whether you need a system to fabricate active and passive components, reduce friction, extend use, color code, or enhance biocompatibility, it’s possible to find a turnkey system that will do the job right.

Today’s systems for medical and health applications involve sputtering, PECVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition) and thermal evaporation. However, even if you can’t find a system you’re searching for, it’s possible to collaborate with the manufacturer to create one that meets your needs. Here’s a look at the Desktop Pro.

Desktop Pro: A compact, high performance sputtering platform, the Desktop Pro is designed to handle think film coating. Production ready, the system can be scaled to meet specific production requirements. Since it’s small in size, the unit can easily be placed on the counter without taking too much space. It has the ability to power two cathodes from one power supply and offers short pump down cycles. The Desktop Pro also boasts a strong control system that can be used in various modes, including service, manual, and semi-automatic.

This blog has been approved by Denton Vacuum, LLC, a pioneer in thin film deposition systems for customers around the world. They design and create precision-coat aerospace components, vacuum metallizing systems, advanced optics, medical implants, solar cells, semiconductor devices and much more.