Consider Foam for Your Insulation

When it comes to materials we use for creature comforts, foam has to be right up there as one of the best. It’s effective, versatile, affordable and, because of these characteristics, it has countless applications. One great option for foam is using it as insulation. Canadians can always use more of that, especially when things get cold. To learn more about why foam makes such great insulation, continue reading.

By its nature, insulation is a fairly simple thing. You have walls that provide your home with shelter and you use foam to better fortify them and help do their job. But as technology has progressed, we have been able to find better and better ways to help insulation do this. Foam is a great example.

For one thing, there is open and closed cell foam. Canada homes are filled with both and both. Open cell foam simply means that many of the cells inside it are open, making for a lighter material that is also more flexible. On the other hand, closed cell foam has more cells which are closed ant this makes for a more rigid material. Both have their own advantages when it comes to insulation. The one that’s best for you will depend on your unique needs.

Don’t forget sound proofing foam too. While you may not choose it for insulation, you can use it in your walls to make sure sound from outside is dulled instead of interrupting your peace.


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