Shopping for Rare Collectable Dolls

Article Written by : HMS Weather

Adults and children alike are always looking for collectible dolls for sale. These dolls bring back memories from the past and keep that childish streak in everyone going. Collectible dolls are sometimes rare and even expensive. Some dolls like from the earlier years of the 20th century are valuable catches and of great value to collectors. Collecting dolls is a favorite hobby for many and it is growing. Some people go for just any doll they think is beautiful and rare while some go for dolls that are from the past and not necessarily rare.

Some dolls are truly beautiful and were made with great attention to detail. The Annette Himstedt line is an example. These dolls are wonderful and have attracted collectors for years.  You will have to look around very well to get a collector who is willing to part with one. The Anne Histedt line usually limits the number of dolls it makes per doll model. With numbers below five hundred, no wonder the dolls are sought after by collectors.

Original cabbage patch dolls are also good for collection. The rare set includes those from the 1980s by the designer Xavier Roberts himself. These dolls can sometimes cost quite a figure is the owner knows their value and rarity. Collectible dolls are a good investment for those who love craft items. They are also great gift items. Giving a kid a collectible doll definitely beats giving her one of those cheap plastic things that will come apart after a few days of play.