Portable Power Supply Units

Many times you may find yourself in a place where there are no electric lines and you will need to carry a portable supply of electric power to run your equipment. Also there are certain motors and generators which need portable starter units like external gpu (Ground Power Unit) or battery packs in order to increase their battery life and reduce the voltage drop during the starting of motor. You can purchase a variety of good quality portable power starting units, which come in various sizes, as per your requirements.

Portable power supply units can be used as a starting unit for small & medium turbine engines. These portable supplies are available with either lead acid or Lithium starting units. The difference between the two types of supplies is the size of the overall power supply unit. Generally, Lithium power supply units are more compact and almost 42 percent lighter than the lead acid units providing the same amount of power. Another major advantage of using the Lithium portable power supplies is the absence of sulfation problems which are prevalent in lead acid batteries.

It is recommended that one should always consult various power supply stores to get the best quality product at reasonable price. There are a few power packs for ground use which perform the function of starting and maintenance. It is also possible to recharge the power supply unit once they get discharged by connecting to an electric outlet. If you are unable to find a power pack that is important for your work then there are certain stores that provide customized power supply packs according to your requirements.