Soundproofing vs. Sound Treatment

When someone is facing sound and noise issues, the first solution often considered is “soundproofing” an area. In theory this would be ideal, creating a space that does not allow the entry of sound nor its exit. In practice, this isn’t realistic without substantial construction and tens of thousands of dollars in costs, if not more. Despite what companies may claim and what the appearances of studios may imply, sound absorbing foam or fiberglass does NOT soundproof a room. It is, however useful for improving the sound in a room.

Acoustic foam and similar materials provide sound treatment, which is wholly different from soundproofing. These materials can provide some insulation for noise when used as sound barriers in construction, but when added to a finished area, they will clarify, improve or deaden sounds and noise, not eliminate them. Part of what contributes to noise is the bouncing waves that reach our ears at different intervals, creating reverberation and distortion. Good acoustic foam absorbs some of these bouncing waves and deflects and diffuses others, helping make sure only the primary sounds are reaching you. This can make a space seem quieter by virtue of less noise and interference reaching your ears.

There are other ways to treat sound, from rearranging the furniture in a room, to adding carpeting or even aiming speakers, the source of noise. It is also important to recognize not all foams can be used acoustically, and due to their often in-the-open placement, fire resistant foam is the only variety of acoustical foam that should be used.

Shopping for Store Fixtures & Displays

Article Written by : Manufacturing Stoke

Whether you are opening your first shop or you are a long-time business owner, you need to understand the importance of displaying your product in a friendly, attractive manner. Finding the right type of store display for your retail business can be difficult, however, especially if you sell products that are uncommon, bulky, or difficult to display in some other way. When you are shopping for store fixtures like display cases and racks, consider shopping online to make sure that you are finding the best possible range of products.

Online sellers like Display Warehouse carry a wide variety of different display cases, racks, and counter cases. No matter what product you are selling, Display Warehouse carries a way to display it. Whether you sell cell phones or jewelry, Display Warehouse provides a wide variety of acrylic displays that can help you showcase your product in the most pleasing way possible. Display Warehouse carries counter displays, riser sets displays, brochure displays, sign holders, and easel displays, all made of clear acrylic so that the attention is on your product, not the display.

If you are looking for a display product, whether it’s an acrylic sign holder or a metal gondola display, Display Warehouse can provide you with the display product that best suits your needs. Wall shelving, abstract displays, and wheeled cart displays are available alongside ladder displays, raw steel fixtures, and chain link displays. You can even find specialized display equipment like golf display racks.

Lawton, Oklahoma Homes for Sale: Not Just for Locals Anymore

Article Written by : Boston Buyers Club

Living in the same place for a while can inspire a sense of belonging and dedication to the environment and community that you inhabit, but it can also lead to a monotonous trend in your daily routine that takes away from some of the enriching experience that comes with learning how to thrive in a new location. If the latter part of that statement applies to you, why not look into the Lawton, Oklahoma homes for sale, and start anew in a place that, chances are, you never considered yourself living before.

When it comes to real estate, Lawton, OK is a diamond in the rough. A number of shopping centers and public facilities create a great community of active individuals trying to foster a higher quality of living in their area. In Oklahoma, you are closer to the heart of the country, Any place you could possibly want to visit or explore is about an equal distance away, no matter which direction you choose to go. Oklahoma may not have ever been your first choice of places that you have thought of living, but the real estate Lawton has to offer is just too good to pass up. Break the monotony and seize the moment. Opportunity awaits you. In Lawton you may escape the monotony that plagues you now, and will allow you to experience a different side of life. These kinds of chances do not come around every single day, and you would hate to miss out on account of idleness!

Anti-Static Packaging For Electronics

Packaging a product for shipment is one of the most important factors in commerce, whether it’s going across town or across the ocean. If a product doesn’t get to where it needs to go safely and in one piece, money, time and even customer loyalty is lost. And the greater the cost and importance of that product, the greater the consequences if it doesn’t show up fully functional.

The packaging material perfect for protecting sensitive electronic components is anti-static foam. With the shock absorbing benefits of foam cut to size, anti-static foam is also engineered to dissipate electro-static charges that can build during transit and handling. These can damage delicate circuitry, even if the package is handled gently, and can be generated from other components in the package, handlers or the typical movement, impacts and vibrations of transit. The anti-static compounds in these foams prevent these charges from being released into products, be they computer chips, recording equipment or delicate testing mechanisms.

These pink, medium density foam forms can be used as a one-time shipping solution, long-term storage or protective pads in camera cases, computer cases or other pieces of technology. The compounds used to treat the foam are used in plastic film packaging and protective pouches, also featuring the material’s signature pink color.

Packaging doesn’t only involve protecting items from packages being dropped, sometimes it needs to protect against things we can’t see or actively avoid. For shipping electronics, anti-static packaging materials help combat one of those unseen packaging pitfalls: electro-static energy.