Anti-Static Packaging For Electronics

Packaging a product for shipment is one of the most important factors in commerce, whether it’s going across town or across the ocean. If a product doesn’t get to where it needs to go safely and in one piece, money, time and even customer loyalty is lost. And the greater the cost and importance of that product, the greater the consequences if it doesn’t show up fully functional.

The packaging material perfect for protecting sensitive electronic components is anti-static foam. With the shock absorbing benefits of foam cut to size, anti-static foam is also engineered to dissipate electro-static charges that can build during transit and handling. These can damage delicate circuitry, even if the package is handled gently, and can be generated from other components in the package, handlers or the typical movement, impacts and vibrations of transit. The anti-static compounds in these foams prevent these charges from being released into products, be they computer chips, recording equipment or delicate testing mechanisms.

These pink, medium density foam forms can be used as a one-time shipping solution, long-term storage or protective pads in camera cases, computer cases or other pieces of technology. The compounds used to treat the foam are used in plastic film packaging and protective pouches, also featuring the material’s signature pink color.

Packaging doesn’t only involve protecting items from packages being dropped, sometimes it needs to protect against things we can’t see or actively avoid. For shipping electronics, anti-static packaging materials help combat one of those unseen packaging pitfalls: electro-static energy.