Why Artificial Grass Trumps Real Grass for Residential Applications

Part of every beautiful home is a beautiful turf for the front and the back yard. Nothing completes the look of a home better than a lush green lawn for the kids to play on or to walk the pets on. However, maintaining a natural grass lawn can be a very costly venture. Aside from the cost of planting the lawn costs associated from keeping it in top condition can become very expensive. Lawnmowers can easily cost upwards of a thousand dollars; add in the cost of fuel for the lawnmower and you could be spending tens of thousands of dollars on lawn maintenance alone. This does not even consider the cost of watering and fertilizing grass.

A more cost effective way of attaining the perfect suburban look is utilizing fake lawn grass. Artificial residential turf takes very little maintenance compared to natural lawn grass. Artificial grass is also very sturdy so there is no need to worry that the dog will dig up your pristine turf. In addition, using fake grass is also more environmentally friendly in the long term due to the fact that you can save thousands and thousands of gallons of water due to the fact that there is no need to water artificial residential turf. With that in mind, the clear choice when building your dream home is having fake lawn grass over natural grass.

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