What Is The Purpose Of Artificial Grass And Artificial Turf

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While it’s not common in a lot of low income areas, there is a thing known as artificial grass and artificial turf. So what’s the purpose of these two things and how are they relevant to real grass? Why would you choose it over real grass anyways?


The Purpose

Artificial grass doesn’t need to be cut, it doesn’t need to be watered and it’s for the appeal only. It looks great to other people, so it’s definitely a show and tell kind of thing.

Who Would Use Turf

The main difference between grass and turf is that grass has longer blades and turf is generally flat, almost like carpet. Turf is often used for football fields and other areas where there’s a lot of activity such as running or for other sporting events as well such as soccer. Which one someone would use entirely depends on the situation and what they’ll need it for.

There’s also something known as synthetic turf grass for people who want more realistic looking grass as well. For people who would like to have this kind of grass at their homes, there’s something known as artificial residential turf which allows them to do this. If you’re looking for a supplier of these kind of grass, I personally would recommend artificial turf supply as a provider (everyone will have their different preferences). Also, you’ll have to figure out the dimensions of your yard as well before contacting a supplier.