US Manufacturing to Learn Lessons From Recovery of The Three Auto Manufacturers

With the recovery of the big three auto manufacturers such as Chrysler, General Motors and Ford over the last two years, Ron Bloom, when visiting a Detroit auto show, said that this can also be replicated every area of U.S manufacturing.

He attributes the recovery of this industry due to the combined efforts of Americans working together to build the industry back up. While an intervention was required from the government, Ron still attributed the success of this recovery to the efforts of the people involved in getting the single most important industry (due to the number of jobs it offers) back on its feet.

Of course during the crisis, the government did what it had to do, and backed out when they had done their part with General Motors, leaving the people to continue to good work from the front and bring these three manufacturers back to a point where it could being to function normally as always.

Ron Bloom also said that other US manufacturing industries can learn from this particular instance, where the government intervened to a certain extent but left the rest to the people to take care of, and perhaps in replicating these lessons, they can also come back to normalcy going forward in the future.

However, the government has not fully backed out but will continue to offer support to the auto industry, albeit playing a subdued role for some time to come as the industry resume functioning normally again.