Top Tips for Simplifying the Boat Maintenance Process

Summary: Every boat needs maintenance to make sure they are safe and in solid working condition.


Each and every boat, no matter its size or purpose, needs regular maintenance. These vessels can be quite expensive and if someone wants to make sure that their boat is reliable and ready to handle what may come their way out in the open waters, they will need to put in the necessary work.


Performing routine checks on your boat will increase its longevity and keep it looking brand new. Read on for some best practices for taking care of any boat.


Change the Engine Oil


Just like a car, boats need regular oil changes. Dirty oil can be harmful to a boat’s engine, as certain acids can start do dissolve internal components, even when the boat is not in use. Changing the oil and filter at least once a year can extend the life of the engine by hundreds, if not thousands, of hours by preventing unnecessary damage and buildup.


On a similar note, investing in a device that helps contain oil leaks, either from Turtle-Pac or other providers, can help keep the oil in the boat and limit ocean pollution.


Wash the Boat Regularly


If you want your boat to look clean year-round you will need to wash your boat on a regular basis. It does not matter if you use your boat to race and dodge inflatable regatta marker buoys or if you simply like to get out on the water to relax and unwind. If you usually boat in saltwater, you need to wash it with fresh water to prevent the salt residue from stripping the exterior coating on your boat.


Keeping the boat in great condition will keep it looking fresh and will even help you attract more customers if you ever wish to sell it.