The Benefits of Crown Molding

When selected and installed carefully, crown molding is one of the most tasteful additions to a home. The understated charm it provides adds a touch of class to a room’s motif without being distracting. There are innumerable styles and sizes that will work well with any room’s size or design. There are even different kinds of materials crown molding can be constructed out of, from traditional wood molding to flexible crown moldings made of polyurethane foam. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong by adding crown molding to a home or building.

The most obvious benefit to crown molding is the enhancement of a room’s aesthetics. Molding offers clean lines and a break from the norm that is often the addition that “ties it all together.” It is a common myth that crown molding can only be used in rooms with high ceilings. In fact, crown molding at the right size works in any space, particularly rooms with low ceilings, because by covering the corners where walls and ceiling meet, the room is less static and looks and feels larger than it is. Crown molding also adds value to a home or building, whether foam plank or wooden materials are used. Its visual elegance is attractive to potential buyers and shows that a home was maintained with pride by the previous owner.

Crown molding is also versatile for those considering a DIY approach to adding to a home. For construction-savvy individuals, mitering pieces to meet in corners can give a continuous feel to a room. For people not as confident with cutting and measuring, blocks of foam and pre-made in and out-corner pieces can be painted or stained and applied to the tricky areas of a room with ease. Adding molding to a space can be as affordable or easy as you want it to be and is one of the smartest ways to add attractiveness and value to a room.