Soundproofing Mounting Methods

For individuals who have home theaters or recording studios, the right sound treatment is as important as the equipment used in the room. However, when it comes time to mount acoustic foam products, answers aren’t always quite as clear. Depending on the type of space you are treating and the permanence of its location, there are various mounting options for sound materials that make sense in any situation.

For permanent and long-term installations, the quickest and simplest way to mount acoustical foam materials is with spray adhesive. When liberally applied to both the back of the foam tile as well as the wall, only a couple seconds of compression are required for a permanent bond that will last the life of your sound space. Applying the adhesive lightly and only to the foam can create a semi-permanent hold that allows the acoustical treatment to be carefully removed without any damage, though residue from the adhesive may remain on the wall.

For individuals whose personal preferences or living situation give them reason to resist gluing treatment to the walls, long T-pins can be inserted through the foam to mount the materials. It’s also a very useful strategy for figuring out the best placement for new sound materials by allowing a user to temporarily set them up to test their performance. Very few pins are needed to hold up this lightweight foam material.

For making easily moved treatment that can be quickly set up or rearranged, adhering the foam to a substrate board that can then be mounted or leaned against walls can help create sound acoustic space in a temporary situation or one where minimal impact on a room can be made.