Minimize Pressure with Foam Seating Cushions

People who spend their whole day sitting, whether it’s behind a desk or steering wheel, or those who utilize a wheelchair for mobility, can all have problems with pressure caused by their seats. Pressure is a serious issue and not something to be dismissed, as it can cause circulation problems or even sores in serious instances. If you experience any pressure related issues during your day, they are a signal that your seat lacks necessary cushioning.

Pressure reducing cushions are often made of polyurethane foam, memory foam, or latex foam, sometimes with an extra polyester covering, and help distribute body pressure evenly while adding comfort to surfaces that don’t offer enough. This is one reason why we’re able to enjoy a movie or TV show on a sofa cushion for hours, while sitting on a wooden stool can be uncomfortable after only a few minutes. Weight gets distributed across the couch cushion’s form, while it’s targeted to particular areas on a stool. Certain designs of a wedge foam pillow can help improve body alignment as well. For people with back issues, a seating wedge can provide cushion while helping the user sit straighter, improving spinal alignment, and relieving back pain. Special, fast-drying foam patio cushions exist as well, allowing you to have the same comfort on the porch you get in the living room.

Pressure relief cushions have a place in an active, healthy lifestyle as well. Exercise mats for Pilates and yoga help provide a soft cushion between the individual and the hard floor that still allows them to hold poses and maintain their balance. No matter the situation you find yourself in, a pressure relieving pad can make your life more comfortable.