Know All About Mattress Foam Replacement

Irrespective of how young or old you are, there is strong linkage between a good night’s sleep and a perfect mattress on which you sleep everyday. But this where most people make mistakes. They take it for granted that mattresses are forever. The deliberation that after certain number of years, mattress replacement becomes absolutely necessary seldom goes into their head. However, experts at the Foam Factory, an establishment that has been in business since more than 30 years have come up with tips that will tell you when your mattress becomes due for replacement. According to them, mattresses should be replaced every 7 years for getting perfect sleep every night.

So far as foam replacement yacht cushions or similar cushions for recreational vehicles are concerned, the experts appear to be more lenient. Compared to your bed at home where you sleep all the 365 days in a year, one of them argued, the foam cushions in an RV or a yacht are subjected to much lesser wear and tear. To be precise, yacht cushions and rv cushions seldom need customary replacement, unless these are let out on rent on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, as one Foam Factory mattress Guru pointed out, when replacing the foam for these cushions, insist on using DryFast reticulated foam for best effect. This particular type of foam dries up quickly after being exposed to rain or shower because of its open pores while it can resist damage due to Ozone, oxidization and other environmental effects that are present in the open air. For details, you can visit: