Essentials You Need to Survive an Earthquake

Summary: An earthquake can strike at any moment. Take the time to pack the essentials to keep you and your loved ones after one hit.

Most natural disasters are unpredictable and can hit without much time to prepare. A seemingly normal day can drastically change once you receive an official warning that a flood or earthquake is expected to hit soon. Earthquakes are particularly interesting. Some of them are so weak that you rarely notice them, while others can be strong enough to knock entire buildings over.

If you live in an area where earthquakes are more common, such as California, it would be wise to prepare an emergency supply kit beforehand. Keeping the essentials ready will not prevent the earthquake but it can greatly increase the chances of you and your loved ones staying safe afterwards.

Travel Pack

Depending on the gravity of the situation, leaving your house might be the best course of action. If your house might collapse then a travel pack could be very convenient. Similar to how having boat bladder tanks are great for boating emergencies, having items like a change of clothes, blankets, a local map, and a pocket knife can become incredibly helpful when you find yourself needing to leave your house in a hurry.

Comfort at Home

Even if an earthquake is not categorized as serious enough to warrant fleeing your house, it could still knock some items down and leave you without some necessities. Robust shoes can protect you from broken glass, debris, and other dangerous materials that could be scattered on the ground. Turtle Pac sells strong bladders if you need emergency supplies of drinking water and a battery-powered flashlight can help you if your power goes out.