Cost-Effective Solutions for Sound Treatment

Despite its presence in many high-end recording studios and sound booths, a lot of acoustical treatment occurs on a smaller scale, in places like home theaters or makeshift basement studios. People want the clearest sound possible in their movies and music, whether it’s their job or just a hobby or passion. But because the average individual doesn’t have the treatment budget of a commercial studio to spend on treatment, many think they can’t enjoy ideal sound in their spaces.


Fortunately, acoustic foam panels are made that can improve the quality of sound in any space. Acoustic foam, when cut into a convoluted/eggcrate pattern, creates two treatment pieces from a single run of the machine, making them incredibly efficient products to manufacture. They can be ordered in large sheets and mounted in open spaces to reduce bouncing echoes and standing waves, or cut into smaller sections and spaced out as needed in tile form. Their peak and valley surface design does an excellent job of diffusing sound, and the thicker the base of the foam panel, the more absorbency potential it has.


Eggcrate foam noise treatment is different from the traditional eggcrate products used in mattresses and cushions, because it is made with special acoustical properties. Additionally, proper acoustical eggcrate is made of treated foam for fire. This foam can also be covered in acoustical fabric for a customized appearance if you’re after a cleaner look. If you want the best sound possible without the recording-studio cost, acoustical eggcrate foam is one sensible solution.