Add Utility, Attractiveness, and Protection with a Custom Headboard

Your bed is the cornerstone of your bedroom; after all, that’s where it got its name! Because of this, an unattractive or underwhelming bed can severely dampen the aesthetics of your room. Sheets and blankets go a long way in making your bed look attractive, but to really take your bed set to another level, a headboard makes a world of difference.

On a functional level, a headboard exists to guard the wall against damage and dirt from the person and the actual bed frame and mattress. To attach headboard materials for this reason is a smart investment, if only to protect the home. But more ornate and functional headboards exist that take it from a utility product to a functional addition to the bedroom.

For people looking to add a little pizazz to the room, decorative foam padded headboards can be upholstered to add aesthetics to a room. These pieces of cushion furniture also provide the benefit of soft padding to protect your head. Other headboards come with shelves for alarm clocks, books, glasses, and a place to charge your phone. Some can even accommodate lamps so you don’t need to get out of bed when you want to turn out the lights. Other kinds of headboards can be elaborate pieces of furniture, reaching to the ceiling and having sections and nooks built-in for a shelving unit. These are substantial installations and good ideas for people short on space, since a headboard serving as shelving means you don’t need additional storage space in a smaller room.

Some beds are built with a frame that is part of the headboard itself. These beds are essentially singular pieces of furniture and are often complimented by other aspects of bedroom furniture like end tables and dressers.