Supplies You Should Stock Up on Before a Disaster

Summary: Having the right supplies stocked up before a natural disaster could make all the difference.

An intense flood could force you to evacuate your house in a hurry and leave a lot of your things behind. A strong storm could damage the power grid and leave your family without reliable electricity or heat for days, weeks, or possibly even months.

Taking all of this into consideration, it would be wise to stock your house with food supplies, just in case something goes wrong and you will not have access to local stores.

Canned Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables

It is important to give your body the right nutrients, especially during a natural disaster when you need to be alert and ready to act quickly. Although you might not have access to a grocery store to pick up fresh or frozen chicken, apples, or broccoli, for example, your body still needs certain nutrients to survive and perform. Similar to boat bladder tanks, cans are designed to preserve for longer periods of time. Although canned food they might not taste as good as fresh food, they are easier to stock up on. If you do not have a working freezer, stove, or microwave, canned food and a fire can work just fine. Do not forget to pack a can opener.

Canned Juices

Emergency equipment from stores like TurtlePac could save your life, but so can having the right nourishment during a natural disaster. During a storm, your access to food, power, and heat could be limited. Canned juices, such as apple and orange juice, can give you quick bursts of sugar and energy to keep you going during the rough times.