What are the different types of shipping containers?

Written by port containers

If you’ve ever heard the saying that money makes the world go round, you probably have never heard of the statement that it’s international shipping that makes products reach their final destination either. Containers, as a matter of fact, come in different sizes and variants that cater particularly to a specific type of product that one intends to ship. Cargo containers, you see are specialized. If you’re looking to transport perishable goods that require to be at a constant temperature, you will need to get your hands on a refrigerated container. This type of container is ideal for transport of goods such as medicine and products that are highly sensitive to changes in temperature. Think of it this way, do you think you would be able to export ben and jerry’s ice cream to a country ten thousand miles away without a refrigerated container? Probably not, right? Another type of container that you need to know about are side opening containers as well as open top containers. Open top containers are ideal for shipping equipment that exceeds a shipping container’s dimensions so you can still transport them. Side opening containers, on the other hand, are perfect for businesses that engage in mining or in the transport of heavy equipment. The sides are designed in such a way that will allow you to remove the contents of your container from the sides to make it much easier to load or unload. So there you have it, it’s very important to know the container suited for you.


There are a lot of cheap storage containers that you can buy. All you need to do is to be a little resourceful in finding the right suppliers.