Understanding the Different Types of Water Heaters

In Los Angeles, a water heater is a common staple in many households. A nice warm bath can trigger your senses in the morning and soothe tensed muscles after a long and tiring day. Water passes through a series of coils inside a water heater or heated using a burner. The process is almost instantaneous as it comes out of the pipes as soon as your turn the shower knob.

There are many types of water heaters available in the market, if you need to replace or purchase a new one it is best to know each type’s specifications so you can get the right type of water heater for your home. Electric water heaters are very popular as it is less expensive upfront. The downside of an electric water heater is its inability to produce hot water when there is an energy disruption. Gas fueled water heaters may be costly, but it is more cost efficient in the long run. Gas is cheaper that electricity, this type of water heater is perfect for large households or for people with a high demand of hot water. There are solar powered water heaters wherein a solar panel is placed on top of your roof. Solar energy is collected to heat up the water inside of a tank.