High Technology Production Will Boost Manufacturing Sector

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To put it succinctly, the British economy isn’t doing all that well these days. However, as with all things there is hope in the fact that high technology manufacturing might be the answer to a much-needed boost to the economy. Of course, this will take a year or two to manifest in terms of the growth of jobs as well as output.

According to a survey taken by the industrial group known as General Electric, more than a quarter of these businesses have revealed that their sales have gone above 10 years over the last year, and they are pretty optimistic about the fact that they will be able to increase employment and turnover during the course of this year.

The sectors involved in this growth would be those for car parts, electronics, general engineering, and machinery as well as those companies that are involved a substantial amount of research and development or that create technically advanced products.

This comes during a time when the UK manufacturing sector has reduced to about 12 percent of the economy in recent years, and which is clearly indicative of their performance over the last few years that will be discussed at a ‘manufacturing summit’ hosted by the government in bringing together top companies to find ways to boost output and employment as a result.

However, this survey should provide a brighter outlook for this part of the manufacturing industry, and will be of particular interest to the coalition government that seems