Safety Tips for Glass Pool Fences in Sydney

When you are looking for glass pool fences in Sydney, one there are some safety precautions that you should remember. These are going to make sure that everyone is staying safe around your pool.



  • Always be sure that the gate to your pool fence is closing properly. You should never use a bungee cord or some kind of prop to keep your gate open.
  • Make sure that you have removed any outside furniture that is close to the fence so that children can’t climb up on it and get into the pool when you aren’t there.
  • Don’t put a trampoline close to your pool fence.  Secure your fence to the ground so that it can’t be moved from the spot.
  • Don’t leave bricks or buckets near your fence if you have small children or you have neighbors with children. They could use that to climb over the fence.
  • Don’t teach young children how to open your fence gates. Tell them that they have to wait until there’s an adult nearby to go swimming.
  • Don’t build any fountains, pergolas, or fish ponds near your pool fence, or build any trees near there either.  Make sure that you are checking your regulations of the fence to see what the legal distance is.
  • Don’t teach toddlers to open the pool fence gates, like crossing the road they need an adult

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