Portable Power Supply

Written by Start Pac

Energy and power supplies are not easily available everywhere. This is especially the case for remote locations. Companies that operate in fields or that are set up in remote locations are often in need of portable power supply sources. This is mostly the case for construction and engineering businesses. Battery packs designed for remote locations are specifically made to stay light and to provide ease of transport across various locations.

When it concerns the choice of the portable power unit, several options are available. One of them is the self-propelled diesel engines. However, the latest technology in these types of units is the innovative use of lithium batteries. These batteries have a longer durability that lead-acid ones. They last up to twice as long as the latter. Lithium batteries are also 40% lighter and 32% more compact that lead-acid ones. These are essential features to provide convenience during storage and transportation.

For businesses, the best alternative power supply generally depends on their specific needs. In order to transport power units and carry them in aircrafts, lithium-based power supplies are better alternatives due to the fact that they are so light. These power units are handy for businesses when it comes to powering equipment, turbine starting and in the event that there is a blackout on site. These types of power supplies can also be used for domestic purposes, helping to start up heavy duty equipment.

Start Pac specializes in diverse power supply sources for mining equipment and portable GPU systems for aircrafts.