Payless Water Heaters

Ever wondered why the characters in medieval movies and television shows always look like they have not taken a bath in months? Well, my tongue-in-cheek answer would be it is probably because no one has invented water heaters back then! On a serious note though, the invention of water heaters is probably one of the greatest revolutionary inventions of personal hygiene. With water heaters taking a shower in a cold winter night no longer means being frozen to death; rather it is now a relaxing time to warm up and get cozy.

While conventional heater technology that requires tanks has saved us from poor hygiene and death by hypothermia, a new innovation that you should look into is having a tankless water heater system. Something like a Noritz tankless water heater will provide a more consistent supply of hot water while using less electricity as compared to a tank system. A tankless system heats water on demand which means you will never have to wait to have hot water ever again. A tankless system is also up to 40% more efficient than your old style heater. On top of that, a Noritz tankless water heater can last twice as long as a normal tank water heater.

Now if you are convinced of the added benefits of having a tankless water heater system as opposed to a conventional system and are thinking of having a tankless system installed, the next step is to look for a professional and efficient water heater contractor in your area.