How to safely observe Alaskan black bears at Anan.

Alaska is an extremely beautiful place, where many people just imagine nothing but a white frozen tundra that is completely the opposite of the magnificent sites within Alaska. The state has lush beautiful greens and gorgeous towering mountains, as well as an array of extreme wildlife. There is an amazing Alaska Bear Viewing where you can safely observe bears in their natural lifestyles, as well as visiting the Anan Bear Observatory.

The Anan Observatory has much more than just bears, but also sports a variety of animals such as eagles, fish, seals, and much more. Some of the most amazing sites is being able to see the bears hunt, fish, play and interact with each other. Brown and black bears can both be observed within this wildlife observatory. There is a great team at Anan that are happy to explain their habits, lifestyle, and answer any questions as you explore the Alaskan experience. Despite many of the ideas people have of Alaska it is one of the most beautiful and breathe taking experiences, though true to one of our ideas it can get a bit chilly, so bring a coat! Best of all it’s great for the family with no hidden fees, simply focus on exploring and experiencing and not what someone is trying to secretly charge you.