Get Aesthetics and Protection with a Custom Headboard

Unless you choose to go with a minimalist approach and sleep on the floor, your bedroom is likely the centerpiece of your bedroom. Because of this, unattractive or underwhelming beds can be a major detractor from the aesthetics of your room. Attractive sheets and linens can go a long way toward making your bed look nice, but if you happen to lack a headboard, your bedroom will forever have a sophomoric feel to it, as if something is missing.

Functionally, headboards are used to protect the wall from damage and dirt. Appearance-wise, headboards can quickly transform a bed into a beautiful piece of furniture. To attach headboard materials for either of these reasons is a smart decision, due to the protection it offers the room and the increased enjoyment you’ll receive from a more attractive space. Whether your bed is a gargantuan king-size, or just a cozy twin bed, headboards go a long way in transforming a bedroom.

For individuals looking for a way to add a little something extra to a room, decorative foam-padded headboards are an upholstery option to match or accent any room component. These pieces of cushioned furniture also offer the additional benefit of soft padding you won’t painfully bash your head against. Other headboard varieties are constructed to include shelves for alarm clocks, books, glasses, and anything else you want at arm’s reach. Some even have open backs to accommodate lamp cords so you don’t have to get out of bed when you’re ready to turn out the lights. Because of the items they can accommodate, these storage headboards are great ideas for people short on space, since they make the most out of a piece of furniture that would be in the room either way.

For additional versatility, a bed combo with a storage headboard and under-bed storage drawers, also known as a captain’s bed, can offer even more utility and attractiveness to your sleeping quarters. So whether you’re needing to protect your walls, improve the looks of your room, or simply maximize the space you have, a headboard can get the job done.