Electric Fences Maintenance

By Jason Governo

Do you have an electric fence in your yard or around your garden? Many people do. They’re a great way of monitoring access to your property. Electric fences can keep your livestock where you want them and keep predators and other vermin at bay. Plus, they’re affordable, nonlethal and easy to operate.


No fence is perfect though, which means yours will eventually need some upkeep. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be too difficult either. Turn the system off and all you need is some electric fence wire to mend any tears. If there’s something wrong with the power supply, check your breaker or how the wires connect in the box. After that, it could just be that there are some areas along the line where power is going astray.

Whatever the case, mending electric fences need not be a big affair. Worst case scenario, just call a professional and pay a negligible amount in order to get your fence up and running again. After that, it’s back to enjoying all the things it can do.


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