Considering Getting a Green Card by Marriage?

Becoming a US Citizen by getting a green card by marriage is becoming a very popular method these days. And while it’s a great solution for many different people, it’s nowhere near as easy to accomplish as popular knowledge would have you believe. There is a bit of a challenge and an uphill battle to getting your immigration status changed when you get married, but so long as you pay attention to a couple of important details you should be just fine.

First, you should understand that you’ll need to file with US Immigration. This process is pretty simple and straightforward, but can cost up to $1500 – and that’s if everything goes smoothly and you don’t need to hire or retain a lawyer to clear up any problems.

Secondly, you’ll need to make sure you fill out all of the forms provided from the Immigration Service. Make absolutely positively certain that you fill out these forms with the most accurate and true information – even a slight slip up could get your application denied or cause huge problems if you apply for a green card replacement.

The best way for you to make sure you’ve covered all your bases and a fantastic resource for all the information you’ll need on your immigration status can be found on the American Immigration Center Inc  website. This is the perfect resource to leverage to make sure that you’re green card application process is completed fully and smoothly, and that you will have your new citizenship instated as soon as possible.