Shipping a Safe Across Country for a Move

shipping-crateWhen preparing your big move across the country, one thing you may dread moving is your safe. This should be unsurprising since safes should be difficult to move to deter burglars. However, you will need to have a great plan for moving your safe across the country.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

Measure your trtl30x6 safe and make sure that there is enough space in the moving truck for it. Otherwise, you may need to rent an additional moving truck to fit the safe.

Empty The Safe Of All Its Contents

Anything that can make the tl 30 safes lighter will make them more manageable when moving them onto the truck. Move the contents to a safe place.

Disguise The Safe

As you move the burglary safe to the truck, keep it disguised so that criminals do not see the safe and see it as a potential target. Place the safe on the sturdiest dolly you can find. When moving the safe into the truck, use moving straps.

Plan Your Route To Minimize Stops

Make use of freeways so you can minimize the number of stops along the way. If anyone notices that you have a safe, your truck may be more likely to be the victim of a burglary. Once the safe has reached its destination, use the same method used to place the safe to remove it from the truck.

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