Types of wooden doors you can use for your exterior door

Written by ETO Doors

The most important and striking feature of your house is the front door. It is the first thing you or your visitors see. It sets up what people feel about the house and what you expect to see inside. Wooden doors are still the most popular for exterior doors. They have sense of polish, they are solid and imply strength and security and above all they look great.

White Oak is one of the most popular choices for making exterior doors because of its durability, resistance and sturdiness. It is a very hard wood that can last for years. With just a little bit of maintenance, you can expect use the door for a very long time. This makes it a very good investment.

Another popular choice is Mahogany. It has high-level resistance to water and will not deform. It is resistant to the effects of temperature, moisture and chemicals. It looks beautiful and clean when polished. It is a good choice but is more costly than other types of wood.

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